The Roblox Classic Event introduced “Tix” and “Tokens” to the famous games, and today, we are here to show you all the Adopt Me Tix locations in Roblox!

The Roblox Classic Event is bringing back old favorites and adding new challenges. In the game Adopt Me, players are on a hunt to find Tix, special tokens hidden around the game. These Tix can be traded for unique in-game prizes. With ten Tix to find, this guide will help you locate each one, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

The event also features new items like the Treasure Finder and Timeless Valkyrie bundles, which make your character look cool and help in the game. With different types of games, from adventures to tactics, there’s something exciting for everyone to enjoy. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest tutorial, Wardrobe Secret Roblox Classic quest guideDress to Impress codes, and Attack on Titan Revolution codes in Roblox!

Adopt Me Tix locations in Roblox Classic event

The notorious Roblox Classic Event is finally here and it won’t last long. There are a total of 10 Tix locations that are spread all around the map and it might be hard for people to find them all and get the reward at the end. We prepared a written and a video guide for you to easily reach all 10 Tix locations before the Roblox Classic Event runs out. Be quick; you can either watch our video below or carefully read the guide and check out all the images to find all the Adopt Me Tix locations.

Firstly, let’s start with our Adopt Me Tix locations guide video. Don’t forget to show some love by liking the video and subscribing to our channel, YouthGameHub. You can find various gaming content and guides! Here is the video:

Tix 1

When you start the Adopt Me Classic Event, look for NooBurt NPC. The first Tix is right on top of the building next to him as seen in the image. You will most likely spawn at your house. You must go outside, go to the “exit” tunnel and find NooBurt. This is the first of the many Adopt Me Tix locations

adopt me tix locations
NooBurt Tix / Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 2

Go to the school in the game. In the second room on the right, the second Tix is hiding between the bookshelves.

adopt me tix locations
School Tix / Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 3

Visit the Nursery and check out the Babies section. You’ll find the third Tix hidden behind NPC Anna.

adopt me tix locations
Nursery Tix / Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 4

In the Hospital, go upstairs and into a room. Check behind the chairs in the left corner to find the fourth Tix.

adopt me tix locations
Hospital Tix / Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 5

For the fifth Tix, head to the presents building. It’s tricky because you need to use some parkour skills. Climb to the top where you’ll see the scenic view and grab the Tix. A flying pet can get you there faster.

adopt me tix locations
“Parkour Tix” / Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 6

At the Ice Cream Parlour, find the skating area behind the building. The sixth Tix is inside a pink hoop.

adopt me tix locations
Ice Cream Tix/ Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 7

The seventh Tix is at the Honey Shop. It’s on the back of Beetrice, adding a bit of sweetness to your search.

adopt me tix locations
Honey Shop Tix / Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 8

Under the central bridge, go into the tunnel and climb the branch on the left to find the eighth Tix.

adopt me tix locations
Tunnel Tix / Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 9

In the Grocery Shop/Market, go inside the fridge and climb the blue tower. The ninth Tix is hidden under the slide.

adopt me tix locations
Grocery Shop Tix/ Screenshot by Seekyt

Tix 10

Finally, check out the License Place near the Grocery Shop/Market. The last Tix is under the stairs on the right side. This is the last of the 10 Adopt Me Tix locations in Roblox!

adopt me tix locations
Licence Building Tix / Screenshot by Seekyt

Finding all ten Tix in Adopt Me during the RoboBlogClassic Event offers a mix of nostalgia and excitement, making your gaming experience both fun and rewarding. With this guide, you’re all set to complete your collection and enjoy the adventure.


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