Crunchyroll comments gone and users are all baffled because it used to be one of the most useful features of the platform. However, the website made an official statement saying that the change was made due to safety reasons.

Crunchyroll, a popular anime-streaming service, has recently turned off the comment section on its platform. This change affects both anime episodes and news posts. Crunchyroll made this decision to create a safer and more respectful space for viewers. They announced this on their support page in a post called “Protecting our community.” This has left many users confused and looking for answers, as they used to discuss and connect in the comments section.

Crunchyroll comments gone
Crunchyroll comments gone but for a good reason, at least that is what the website says… (Image Credit)

Crunchyroll comments gone and users are baffled

Yes, Crunchyroll comments gone and now the entertainment world needs another place to discuss about the upcoming animes. The company stated that this new policy helps them control harmful content and prevent false information. But they did not give many details about why they chose to make this big change. The removal has sparked a lot of discussions online, with many users expressing their unhappiness on forums and social media.

Now, Crunchyroll comments gone, there is nothing to do but use Reddit and other platforms to talk about these animes. Crunchyroll suggests that users talk to each other on its social media pages and continue to use the star rating system to share their opinions on shows. It’s still unclear if these alternatives will keep the community feeling that the comments section offered.

If you wonder about the official announcement, here is what the website had to say:

At Crunchyroll, we prioritize creating a safe and respectful community environment. To maintain this standard, we are removing all existing user-generated content, including comments, across all our platforms and experiences.

The user ratings system will, however, remain allowing you to express your opinions through star ratings.

Crunchyroll comments used to be a useful feature

Before, the comment section on Crunchyroll was a lively community spot where fans could talk, share thoughts, and discuss their favorite shows right after watching episodes. This made watching anime on Crunchyroll interactive and fun. For many loyal users, these discussions were a big reason to choose Crunchyroll over other services. Crunchyroll comments gone and it really looks like they won’t be back for a very long time.

Now that the comments are gone, many long-time viewers miss being able to connect with other anime fans. Some users have said they are upset that Crunchyroll didn’t try to improve the way they manage comments instead of just removing them completely.

Crunchyroll comments gone
The community is in shambles as they now need to check third-party websites for anime reviews (Image Credit: Seekyt)

Why are there no comments on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll removed the comment section to make the platform safer and more respectful for everyone. They mentioned incidents like the negative targeting of the anime “Twilight Out of Focus” as an example of what they want to avoid. However, some people, including Anime YouTuber Geoff Thew, think Crunchyroll should have worked on better managing the comments instead of removing them entirely.

Is Crunchyroll still popular?

Despite the upset over the removed comment section, Crunchyroll’s number of subscribers continues to grow. According to, as of January 2024, the platform had around 13 million paying subscribers, a big increase from mid-2021. This shows that Crunchyroll’s main attraction, its wide range of anime content, is still drawing in viewers.

Crunchyroll comments gone and as mentioned, they won’t come back for a long time. We suggest checking out Reddit and other social media channels if you are looking for anime reviews and generally what others think about a certain one.

Featured image credit: Crunchyroll