Welcome to the most up-to-date Roblox Gym League codes guide on the internet! We love this game as much as you do, and yes we lift in real life too, and let’s be honest we all love free stuff! You will find this list updated all the time and you can use the active codes to get freebies in the game!

Gym League codes are special codes that give players extra features and rewards. These rewards make the game more exciting and fun. The developers release these codes during special events or after updates. If players keep up with these codes, they can get the most out of their gym time.

It’s important to follow updates from the game’s developers, 1v2 Studios. They release new codes at different times, often during special events. By keeping in touch with the community and the official Gym League Roblox page, players can get new codes as soon as they are available. Let’s look at the Roblox Gym League codes that are working right now.

Gym League codes
Gym League is the newest trend in Roblox Screenshot by Seekyt

Active Gym League codes

  • 150KLikes: 5 Aura Rerolls and 5 Pose Rerolls (New)
  • 100KActive: Protein Shake (New)
  • 20MVisits: Power-Ups (New)

Expired Gym League codes

Unfortunately, these codes are expired and they can’t be redeemed in the game:

  • 1MVisits
  • Release
  • 5KLikes
  • 10KLikes

How to redeem Gym League codes in Roblox

We prepared a video for you to show how to redeem Gym League codes in Roblox:


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Here is how to use the codes in Gym League:

  1. Open Roblox and start the game Gym League.
  2. Click the ‘codes’ button in the game.
  3. Type the code into the field.
  4. Press ‘submit’ to use your code.
  5. Enjoy your new items!

Check the image below for a visual demonstration:

Gym League codes
You can redeem Gym League codes by clicking on the “Codes” button on the left (Screenshot by Seekyt)


How to get more Gym League codes

To find new codes, follow the official Gym League page on Roblox and join the game’s community forums. Developers also post new codes on social media or during special events.

Another thing you can do is bookmark our Gym League codes guide and check it out every once in a while. We will keep an eye on all the latest codes for you and keep this list updated all the time!

How to pose in Gym League Roblox

To get new poses in Gym League, go to the “Custom” menu. Here, you can change things about your character, like poses. You can buy poses with in-game cash or Robux. Each pose you get is random and comes from different levels of rarity. Here are the types of poses you can find:

  • Common: Arm Up, Front Lat And Bicep
  • Rare: Side Chest, Victory
  • Epic: Aduket
  • Legendary: Three Quarter Back Biceps, Front Lat Spread
  • Mythical: Most Muscular, The Kneel
  • Special: Godlike (available only in the Galaxy Pack for 1,999 Robux)

While poses are fun, they don’t help you in the game. It’s better to spend your money on things like boosts and Auras first. As mentioned, we will always keep our Roblox Gym League codes list up-to-date so you can visit frequently to use the latest and working codes!

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