In Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, customizing your character just got more exciting with the Discord Minecraft Trial Mask.

With the introduction of the Trial Mask in the Bedrock Edition, Mojang Studios invites players to enhance their gameplay with a unique customization option. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a new explorer, here’s how you can claim your very own Discord Minecraft Trial Mask and stand out in the blocky realms of Minecraft.

How to get Discord Minecraft Trial Mask

To obtain the Minecraft Trial Mask in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, follow these steps:

  • Accept the quest on Discord:
    • Open the Discord app on any device.
    • Navigate to the settings and locate the gift inventory tab.
    • Look for the Minecraft Trials Quest and accept it. This will initiate the process to obtain the Discord Minecraft.
  • Join a voice channel with a friend:
    • Choose any Discord server where you can join voice channels.
    • Enter a voice channel along with a friend who can watch your stream
  • Start streaming Minecraft:
    • Share your screen in the voice channel and begin streaming Minecraft gameplay.
    • Your friend must watch your gameplay for at least 15 minutes.
  • Redeem your Discord Minecraft:
    • After streaming for 15 minutes, return to the gift inventory tab on Discord.
    • You’ll find a 25-digit code generated by completing the quest.
  • Visit Minecraft’s official website:
    • Go to Minecraft’s official redemption page where you can redeem codes for in-game items.
    • Enter the 25-digit code in the designated section on the website meant for redeeming items.
    • Submit the code to unlock the Discord Minecraft customization item.
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  • Equip your Minecraft Trial Mask:
    • Launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
    • Navigate to the character creator section.
    • Find the Discord Minecraft Trial Mask in your customization options and equip it to your character.

You can now enjoy playing Minecraft with your newly acquired Trial Mask, adding a unique customization to your in-game avatar.

Remember, the Minecraft Trials Quest expires on June 27, 2024, so ensure you complete the streaming requirement with a friend before that date to secure your Discord Minecraft Trial Mask. This promotion lets players personalize their Minecraft experience with exclusive items, enhancing their gameplay enjoyment.

About Minecraft 1.21 update

Mojang has released the long-awaited Minecraft 1.21 update for Java Edition, titled “Tricky Trials.” This update focuses on combat, adventure, and new copper blocks. It introduces Trial Chambers, new dungeon-like structures where players face challenging foes like Breeze and Bogged. Defeating these mobs can yield Breeze rods and heavy core blocks for crafting the new Mace weapon.

There are more surprises alongside with the Discord Minecraft Trial Mask in the update (Image credit)

Other additions include enchantments exclusive to the Mace, new blocks like the Crafter and Trial Spawner, and variants in the Copper and Tuff families. Players can also enjoy new music tracks, paintings, and advancements, enhancing the game’s depth and adventure. To learn more about the update, click here.

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