A recent trend on X with the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork has taken over. People started asking “Did Cartoon Network shutdown?” because let’s be honest, a whole generation spent its childhood watching some of the most popular cartoons on the platform. Don’t worry, Cartoon Network isn’t going anywhere, it is just a false trend.

There are some building blocks of the entertainment world, and there is no doubt that Cartoon Network is one of them. We spent hours and hours of our time watching cartoons on this channel. Many people were devastated after seeing #RIPCartoonNetwork trending on X. The Cartoon Network shutdown news shocked everyone. It looks like It shocked the channel executives too because it is simply not true.

Cartoon Network shutdown
“Cartoon Network shutdown” news choecked everyone in a whole generation (Image Credit)

Did Cartoon Network shutdown?

There’s been a lot of talk online about Cartoon Network possibly shutting down. This started when a Twitter account called ‘Animation Workers Ignited’ posted a video with the message “Cartoon Network is dead?!?!” This sparked worries because the post talked about job losses and other problems in the animation industry.

The video said that animation jobs are in trouble. It claimed that studios stopped many projects and laid off many artists to save money, even though these artists helped keep shows going during the COVID-19 pandemic when they could work from home. The video ended by asking people to show support for Cartoon Network by posting about their favorite shows and following the account for more updates.

Despite these scary messages, Cartoon Network has said it’s not shutting down. The channel is actually planning new shows and has made some changes to keep things running smoothly.

Cartoon Network shutting down speculations are not real

The rumors that Cartoon Network is closing are not true. Yes, the channel has faced challenges, especially since it’s part of Warner Bros Discovery, which has seen many changes. But these issues don’t mean it’s closing down.

Cartoon Network has even changed its schedule to improve things, like starting its Adult Swim block two hours earlier. It’s also working on new shows, including “The Amazing World of Gumball: The Series” and other spin-offs from popular series. These plans show that the channel is still active and not going anywhere.

Cartoon Network shutdown
We are relieved when we say “Cartoon Network shutdown” news is not true (Image Credit)

Is the Cartoon Network still running?

Yes, Cartoon Network is still up and running. The network has changed how it operates to keep up with new challenges in the media world. It’s still committed to bringing new and exciting shows to its viewers.

Although there have been problems in the animation industry, Cartoon Network is pushing forward. It continues to be a key entertainment asset, offering both new and old shows to its audience. So, no, the Cartoon Network shutdown news is fake.

Does Nickelodeon still exist?

Nickelodeon is another big name in children’s TV that’s still doing well. Like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon has adapted to new ways of watching TV and new types of shows to stay important in the entertainment world.

Nickelodeon keeps making shows and movies that kids love. It’s staying current with changes in technology and viewer habits, which helps it remain a strong force in the industry.

Featured image credit: Cartoon Network