There are some things that you need to do immediately in the game and getting the Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman is one of them. It is one of the few things that you can obtain right after you launch your game, and you will need it in the early stages.

This new DLC added many new adventures in the game but some of them are real “treasures” that you will use a lot in the game. One of these treasures is the Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman, a must-have for players who focus on landing critical hits. This guide will show you where to find this talisman and what benefits it offers. Before we move on to the guide, don’t forget to check out another important guide we prepared to beat Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss in the game. Also if you are having the “Inappropriate activity detected Elden Ring” error on your Steam Deck, we have a guide on that too! Okay, enough with the ads, let’s move on!

Blade of Mercy Elden Ring
DLC is new, so there is a lot to uncover (Image Credit)

Where to find the Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the location of Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman. Your search for the Blade of Mercy starts at the Gravesite Plain in the Realm of Shadow. Once you arrive, head north towards the ruins you see in the distance. These are the Scorched Ruins, where the talisman is hidden.

The enemies around these ruins are weak, so you should be able to reach the talisman without too much trouble. If you are having troubles getting past these enemies, well, you may want to practice your combat skills because they are relly not that hard. When you get to the north end of the ruins, find a narrow tower. Climb to the top of this tower to find a door. Open it, and inside you’ll see a treasure chest. Inside this chest is the Blade of Mercy. You can grab the Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman early in your adventure in the DLC.

Blade of Mercy Elden Ring
You can find the Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman in Scorched Ruins (Image Credit)

What does the Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman give?

Now that you have the Blade of Mercy, you’ll want to know what it does. This talisman boosts your attack power every time you land a critical hit. This is especially useful for players who like fighting up close and often hit enemies critically.

The talisman has an interesting background. It used to be a weapon owned by Hornsent, a character in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. He used it to end the suffering of a fellow traveler. Over time, the dagger broke and couldn’t be used as a weapon anymore. However, it gained a special power and became a talisman that increases attack power after critical hits. That is why you may want to obtain it at the very beginning.

The Blade of Mercy is also light, weighing only 0.3, so it won’t slow you down. You can land critical hits by sneaking up on enemies or breaking their guard and hitting them hard. With the Blade of Mercy, these attacks will be even more powerful.

The Blade of Mercy Elden Ring talisman is not just a powerful tool for boosting your damage. It’s also part of the deep stories in Elden Ring’s world. It is actually really nice to have this talisman at the very beginning of your adventure.

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