Roblox fans, get ready for The Classic event, including the Wardrobe Secret Roblox Classic quest! This exciting event lets you explore 15 user-created experiences that remind us of the old days.

Although it sounds tricky, believe us, it’s actually pretty easy. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Wardrobe Secret Roblox Classic quest
You will learn how you can open the rainbow bridge with our guide (Screenshot by Seekyt)

How to complete the Wardrobe Secret Roblox Classic quest

First, log into Roblox and enter The Classic event. You’ll find yourself on a floating island, ready for adventure. Then follow these:

  • Find the Odd Tower: When you spawn, look to your right. You’ll see a strange tower with a staircase next to a glass building by the map’s edge.
  • Climb the Tower: Go up the stairs to the top of the tower.
  • Type “rainbow” in Chat: Open the chat and type “rainbow.” This will make a rainbow bridge appear, leading to a floating building on a cloud.
  • Cross the Rainbow Bridge: Walk across the rainbow bridge to the floating building. Look for a hidden entrance on the golden surface.
  • Find the Hidden Wardrobe: Inside, you’ll see a ladder. Climb down to a secret room with a hidden wardrobe.
  • Get the Token: Open the wardrobe and interact with the Token inside. You’ve completed The Wardrobe Secret quest!

Here is our team‘s video guide about how to complete the Wardrobe Secret Roblox Classic quest:

After finishing The Wardrobe Secret, you’ll receive a Token. These Tokens are important because you can exchange them for special rewards like Tix and other cool items in The Classic event.

The Classic event in Roblox not only brings back the charm of classic modes but also offers players engaging quests that blend exploration with rewards. The Wardrobe Secret is a prime example, combining the thrill of discovery with the satisfaction of earning exclusive items. So, jump into Roblox, follow our guide, and enjoy the adventure!

What do you need to know about the Roblox Classic event?

Roblox is gearing up for The Classic event, which will immerse players in a nostalgic, classic-themed world. This event runs from May 23 at 1 pm EST to May 28 at 1 pm EST, offering players five days to participate and earn exclusive rewards. The Classic event will be accessible on mobile, PC, console, and VR, though some quests may not be completable on all platforms.

During the event, players can complete various challenges and quests to earn Tokens and discover collectible Tix hidden across the participating experiences. These currencies can be exchanged for a range of Avatar Items and Classic-themed rewards. Some of the items available include the Green Glitched Sword, Cake Hat, Cardboard Hat, Blue Roblox Classic Helmet, Golden Crown and Wings, and many more.

More challenges await, like the Wardrobe Secret Roblox Classic quest! (Screenshot by Seekyt)

The Classic event will be integrated into several popular Roblox games, where players can complete event-specific quests and search for hidden Tix. The participating games include A Dusty Tip, Adopt Me, Arsenal, BedWars, Bee Swarm Simulator, Blade Ball, Clip It!, Dragon Adventures, Dress to Impress, Driving Empire, Gunfight Arena, Livetopia, Toilet Tower Defense, Tower Defense Simulator, and Restaurant Tycoon 2.

To maximize your rewards, make sure to participate in as many quests and challenges as possible before the event concludes on May 28. This is a limited-time opportunity to collect unique items that may not be available again soon.

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