There are countless bosses out there but the latest Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion brings real trouble to players. If you are looking for a guide that will help you take down this-whatever it is for real-we will show you what to do and step-by-step!

Yes, the new DLC that we have been waiting for is here but it means new bosses and challenges are here too. The Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion one is especially very hard and many players failed to find a work around him to continue their progress in the game. There are countless guides on the internet but what we did here is a little different and special. We read almost all of these guides and tried some things ourselves and came up with the simplest but the most effective way to beat the Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss!

Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion
Elden Ring’s new DLC is what everyone is talking about right now (Image Credit)

Who is the Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss?

Divine Beast Dancing Lion is a boss that you will see at the end of the Belurat dungeon and it is a major boss that you will have to take down in the game. As mentioned, this boss is in the Belurat, Tower Settlement dungeon. Players find this beast at the end of the dungeon, in a theater-like area. It’s a key part of the game’s expansion and players must defeat it to move forward. Right outside the boss area, there’s a helpful site of grace and a Stake of Marika. These spots let players summon others for help, making the battle a bit easier to handle.

How to beat the Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss

Defeating the Divine Beast Dancing Lion needs careful planning and quick movements. You can call on NPC Redmane Freyja to help in the fight. She draws the boss’s attention, which lets you hit the boss hard without getting hurt as much. The boss has a set of moves it uses, like lunging or slamming down. You need to dodge these moves and hit back when you get a chance, especially after its big body slam.

The boss also spews dust and does a dirt blast. You should dodge these and hit back when it’s safe. When the boss gets down to 65% health, it starts using elemental attacks. You need to dodge these new attacks and hit the boss when it switches to a less aggressive attack mode.

Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion
The Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss has some weaknesses, pay close attention to this part (Image Credit)

Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion weaknesses

The Dancing Lion does not get hurt more from any special conditions like bleed or poison. But you can break its poise if you hit it right. This lets you do a lot of damage in one go. You should use the right weapons or spells that work well against this boss. Greatswords and hammers are good choices, and so are some special swords for players who focus on strength and skills.

Magic users should choose powerful spells and weapons that match their style. It helps to have NPC Redmane Freyja and Spirit Ash summons during the fight. They keep the boss busy, so you can figure out how to dodge and attack effectively. Fast summons like Black Knife Tiche and Mimic Tear are very useful in keeping the pressure on the boss. This lets you attack more and learn what the boss does so you can dodge and hit back effectively.

We hope this Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion guide that we put up together by analyzing all these other guides was helpful! Let us know if you are facing any difficulties and we will try to help you out! Also if you can’t play the game due to the “Inappropriate activity detected Elden Ring” error, check out our guide!

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