The Apple Teleport machine is not a real product from Apple Inc. It was presented as part of an imaginative scenario involving advanced technology and AI-generated concepts, and here is how it works.

What is the alleged Apple Teleport machine?

The concept of the Apple Teleport, as portrayed, is a hypothetical device that supposedly allows instantaneous teleportation of individuals to any location worldwide. It was priced at an exorbitant $29 million and touted as a revolutionary leap in human connectivity and travel technology.

“Today, we stand on the threshold of a new era. With Apple Teleport, we’re not just breaking down geographical barriers; we’re reimagining the possibilities of human experience. Our vision has always been to create products that enhance lives in meaningful ways, and Apple Teleport is the embodiment of that vision. Imagine visiting the world’s most remote locations or being with loved ones in a blink of an eye – the possibilities are endless.”

-Tim Cook

The idea of the Apple Teleport appears to be a creative exercise utilizing generative AI models. These AI systems, such as text-based transformers and image-generating networks like Midjourney, are capable of generating highly realistic simulations based on extensive datasets. They can produce detailed descriptions, visuals, and even hypothetical functionalities, blurring the line between fiction and reality.

Generative AI models excel at creating compelling narratives and visual representations that seem plausible and detailed. In the case of the Apple Teleport, AI likely generated intricate details about its functionality, pricing, and potential impact, all presented in a manner that could easily mislead those unfamiliar with the technology’s capabilities. The Internet is full of fake AI-generated Apple products, such as:

It’s important to note that the Apple Teleport, as depicted, does not exist as an actual product or project by Apple Inc. The presentation was likely crafted to showcase AI’s ability to conceptualize and visualize futuristic ideas, demonstrating its potential in creative fields and marketing simulations.

Want to create your own Apple Teleport machine and more for free? Here is how

Creating your own version of an Apple Teleport or any imaginative product can be fun and creative using AI tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or DALL-E 3 with ChatGPT. While these tools typically require payment, you can also use Bing Image Creator for free. Here’s how:

  • Visit Go to, click “Join & Create,” and log in using your Microsoft account.
  • Describe your image: Provide a detailed description of the image you want. The more specific your description, the better the results. In our case, we need a fake Apple product. Use a prompt like this: “An Apple-branded iCook Oven.” If you try prompts like “Tim Cook showcased sth.” Bing won’t generate your prompt. Because it’s against their rulebook.
Explore the Apple Teleport machine—a blend of AI and vision. Learn how AI tools like Bing Image Creator can help you create imaginative products.
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  • View results: Bing Image Creator will generate four images based on your description. While generally impressive, there may be occasional minor errors in intricate details.
  • Download images: Choose to download one or all of the generated images once you’re satisfied with the results.

That’s all! Now, you know how to generate your own Apple Teleporter and more!

Featured image credit: AK/X