Ready to uncover hidden treasures in the Roblox Classic event? One of the most exciting secrets to explore is the Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest. This hidden gem within the hub offers players the chance to earn extra Tix by solving a mystery.

Before we jump into the quest, make sure you’ve explored the Roblox The Classic hub. Roblox is hosting The Classic event from May 23 at 1 pm EST to May 28 at 1 pm EST. For five days, players can enjoy a nostalgic, classic-themed world and earn special rewards. The event is available on mobile, PC, console, and VR, though some quests might not work on all platforms. Players can complete various challenges and quests to collect Tokens and find hidden Tix. These can be exchanged for cool Avatar Items and Classic-themed rewards like the Green Glitched Sword, Cake Hat, and Golden Crown and Wings. The event includes popular Roblox games like Adopt Me, Arsenal, BedWars, and Bee Swarm Simulator. Each game has special quests and hidden Tix to find, like you will find in Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest.

How to complete the Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest
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Make sure to join as many quests and challenges as you can before the event ends on May 28 to get unique items. So, before losing any time, let’s take a closer look at our guide and find the Tix!

How to complete the Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest

The Mirror Secret is a hidden gem within the hub, offering extra Tix for those who can uncover its mysteries. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Finding the mirror: First, locate the building with the striped awning outside. Sharp-eyed players might notice something peculiar about this place. The building has two side windows on the exterior, but only one window inside. Suspicious, right? That’s your clue to a hidden room.
  • Opening the mirror: Inside this building, you’ll find a large pane of glass opposite the door. It may look like a regular window, but it’s actually a magic mirror. To unlock its secrets, stand in front of it and type magic mirror into the chat box. Watch as the mirror clears for a few seconds, revealing a new room you can step into.
  • Finding the Tix: Once inside the secret room, things might seem a bit bare, but the real treasure awaits. Look to the left of the mirror and you’ll find a ladder. Climb up to the second floor where you’ll see a bar, a drumkit, and some cozy seating with a pile of books. The main attraction, however, is the pile of Tix in the middle of the room. Interact with it to add it to your collection and tick off another quest. When you’re ready to leave, simply use the magic mirror command again to exit.

Is it confusing? Check out our team’s Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest video guide:

Now you know how to complete the Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest!

How to complete the Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest
How to complete the Mirror Secret Roblox Classic quest (Screenshot by Seekyt)

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