Recent news buzzed the internet, is there really an asteroid heading towards Earth right now? If so, are we all going to die?

Space is full of thousands of asteroids, most spinning around the Sun between Mars and Jupiter without ever bothering Earth. But every now and then, one of these space rocks comes a bit too close for comfort. Today, NASA has spotted such an asteroid, named 2024 LB4, which is racing towards Earth at an incredible speed. The asteroid heading towards Earth is as big as an airplane.

When we hear about an asteroid coming our way, it’s natural to feel a bit worried. However, NASA’s experts are keeping a close watch on 2024 LB4 and have some good news to share. They have calculated that this asteroid will not hit Earth. It will pass by safely. NASA uses advanced technology to track the asteroid’s path from space and on Earth. This ensures they can spot any changes early and keep everyone informed and safe.

asteroid heading towards earth
There is indeed an asteroid heading towards Earth, but nothing to be worried about (Image Credit)

Yes, there is an asteroid heading towards Earth

Today, NASA has reported that a big asteroid is moving towards Earth. This asteroid, named 2024 LB4, is as big as an airplane and is moving very fast. It is traveling at a speed of 16,988 miles per hour and will come very close to Earth, about 1,800,000 miles away. This distance is very close when we think about how big space is. NASA found this asteroid early, which helps them watch it closely to see if it could be dangerous.

Should we be worried? Are we all going to die?

Although the asteroid 2024 LB4 is big and fast, NASA tells us not to worry. They expect the asteroid to pass by Earth safely. NASA and other space experts are watching its path with high-tech tools. They do this to make sure the asteroid does not move off its path. So, there is no danger to Earth from this asteroid as of now.

asteroid heading towards Earth
NASA confirmed the asteroid heading towards Earth (Image Credit)


Which asteroid is coming towards Earth?

The asteroid coming towards Earth is called 2024 LB4. It belongs to a group of asteroids called the Apollo group. Sometimes, the pull from planets or bumps in the asteroid belt can push these rocks towards Earth. The asteroid belt has millions of these rocks and is located between Mars and Jupiter. These rocks orbit the Sun. NASA keeps a close watch on asteroids like 2024 LB4 to make sure they don’t hit Earth.

Will an asteroid hit Earth in 2029?

In a few years, a very large asteroid called Apophis will come very close to Earth. It will pass by about 30,000 miles away in 2029. This asteroid is named after the Egyptian god of chaos. Even though it will be very close, scientists have confirmed it will not hit Earth in the next hundred years. Instead, this close pass is a chance for scientists to study the asteroid closely. Space experts from all over the world are getting ready to learn more from this event. They hope to gain important information about Apophis and other asteroids. This knowledge could help us prepare better for any future asteroids that might come close to Earth.

While it might seem scary to hear about big asteroids coming close to Earth, NASA’s technology and constant monitoring keep us safe and well-informed. So there is nothing to be worried about the asteroid heading towards Earth as of now and we hope the status won’t change in the near future!

Featured image credit: Chris Henry/Unsplash


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