Have you been looking for an updated Roblox Anime Last Stand codes list on the internet? We always update our ALS codes list and you can find the latest codes below!

To make the game more enjoyable and to help players move forward faster, ALS offers codes. These codes are very important because they give players free resources like Emeralds and rerolls. These resources are needed to get and improve units. Staying up to date with these codes can give players a big advantage, ensuring they remain competitive and have fun.

Who doesn’t love tower defense games in Roblox, right? Now take that experience and add some freebies to enhance your gaming experience in Anime Last Stand! We took around the internet and visited the official channels to find you the latest Roblox Anime Last Stand codes. Then we tried them in the game and checked if they work or not!

anime last stand codes
You will find all the working ALS codes below Credit: Anime Last Stand

Active Roblox Anime Last Stand codes (ALS) June 2024

Let’s start with the Anime Last Stand codes that are currently active:

  • AFKCAPSULEYAY: 300 Emeralds
  • FollowBoss: 300 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • 170kFavorites: 500 Emeralds
  • 170kLikes: 5 Rerolls
  • DemonPortals!!: 5 Rerolls
  • PatchUpdate!!: 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • SorryForShutdown!!: 10 Rerolls
  • UpdateRerolls!!: 1,250 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • Sorry4Delay!: 500 Emeralds, 20 Rerolls
  • ChooChoo: 1,000 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • SUMMERSOON!?: 750 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • QOLSprinkleUPD: 500 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • FreeRerolls!!: 1,250 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • SOLOPARTTWO?!: 1,000 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • QuickFixies: 1,000 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • PARTTWOUPD!?: 750 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • QuickRestart!: 1,250 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • SOLOPART2SOON?!: 1,000 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • ALSREVAMPSOON?: 750 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • QOLUpdate2!: 500 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • HBDCaleB2024: 1,000 Emeralds, 15 Rerolls
  • SOLOLEVELING!: 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • SOLOPREPARING!: 500 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • X7Weekend!: 500 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • ConverterFix?!: 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • REDGATE?!: 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • QOLUPD!: 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • BannerFix!?!: 500 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • BossStudiosOnTop: 750 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls, 5 Yokai Meat
  • BannerFixed?: 500 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • BugFixesTeehee: 1,000 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • DelayedUpdate: 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls
  • CaleBTheHero: 500 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls, 15 Super Beans
  • OPMUpdate: 500 Emeralds, 5 Rerolls
  • TorSavedALS: 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls, 10 Spirit Shards
anime last stand codes
All the Anime Last Stand codes will expire someday but don’t worry, there will be replacements! Credit: Anime Last Stand

Expired Roblox Anime Last Stand codes (ALS)

Unfortunately, ALS codes expire over time and you won’t be able to turn them into freebies once they expire. Here is a list of expired ALS codes that you won’t be able to redeem anymore:

  • TyFor2kFav
  • TyFor10kFav
  • Sub2Blamspot524k
  • Sub2CodeNex77k
  • 3219872
  • FreeNami
  • Async
  • Shock
  • here
  • 10KVISITS!
  • 50KVISITS!
  • 100KVISITS!

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How to redeem ALS codes

To use Anime Last Stand codes, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Anime Last Stand in Roblox.
  2. Click the Codes button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Type the code you want to use into the Enter Code box.
  4. Hit Redeem to get your rewards.

Be sure to type the codes exactly as they are shown to make sure they work. Moreover, we also prepared a video guide for you, check it out below:

What is Anime Last Stand?

Anime Last Stand is a popular Roblox tower defense game that brings characters from many famous anime series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Berserk, and Fullmetal Alchemist. In the game, you summon units and build armies to fight off waves of enemies. The game has a main story, an Infinite mode, and several challenges that keep things interesting. Thanks to its detailed content and strategic depth, Anime Last Stand is a favorite among Roblox players who love anime.

What are codes in Anime Last Stand?

In Anime Last Stand, codes are special gifts that the game’s creators give out. These can be for free items like Emeralds or rerolls, or even special units. The developers usually give out these codes during game updates, when the community reaches certain goals, or through special partnerships. Using these codes can really help you by letting you get more units, upgrade the ones you have, and get ready for tougher levels.

Are you looking for more Roblox codes? Check out the ones below:

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