Loldle answers today for June 30 can be a little confusing, especially the quote, “My shield is my sword.” You might think that it belongs to a fighter champion like Yasuo or Yone, but you will be very surprised to see whose it is.

Loldle answers today can be challenging but that is why we are here, right? Today’s challenges span various aspects of the game. Let’s check out the answers for today to help you play better and enjoy discovering more about your favorite champions. Don’t forget to check out our other gaming guides and news!


All Loldle answers today for June 30

You will probably be surprised to see the Loldle answers today because some of them almost don’t even make sense. Here are all the answers:

  • Classic: Qiyana
  • Quote: Braum
  • Ability: Yorick (E)
  • Emoji: Rell
  • Splash Art: Kog’Maw (Lion Dance)
loldle answers today
One of the Loldle answers today is Qiyana (Image Credit)

How to play Loldlde

New to Loldle? It’s easy to start. You can play on its website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The best part? It’s free.

Here’s how to get good at Loldle:

  1. Classic Mode: You need to identify the champion. If it turns green, you got it right. Yellow means you’re close, and red means you should try again.
  2. Quote Section: You need to match quotes to the right champion. Knowing their stories helps a lot.
  3. Ability Challenge: You have to pick the champion that matches the given skill.
  4. Emoji Puzzle: Sometimes, your first guess is right. Trust yourself.
  5. Splash Art Task: Recognize the champion and their art style.

Playing Loldle tests your knowledge and helps you learn more about the champions. It’s meant to be fun and invites players of all skill levels.

loldle answers today
Who would ever think that this quote belongs to Braum? Do you even have a sword? (Image Credit)

Strategies for Today’s Loldle Puzzles

Here are some tips to help you do well in today’s Loldle game:

  • Start with Confidence: Begin with the puzzles you know best. This helps you feel good as you play.
  • Eliminate Options: If you’re unsure, remove the least likely answers.
  • Dive into the Lore: Knowing a champion’s story helps, especially with quotes and abilities.

Each puzzle is a chance to learn more about League of Legends and meet other fans. Remember, each challenge helps you understand the game better and makes playing even more fun. We hope our Loldle answers today guide was helpful and from now on, you will find similar content each day on Seekyt! Bookmark our gaming page and don’t miss any of the tips, tricks and answers on some of the most popular but challenging games!

Featured image credit: Riot Games


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