Top 5 BTS Discord servers

At the core of the worldwide BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) fandom, a digital haven has materialized—the BTS Discord Servers. For those not yet familiar with the BTS phenomenon, this South Korean septet has captivated the globe with their captivating music, awe-inspiring performances, and a special connection with their fanbase, lovingly referred to as the ARMY.

Presently, this lively community has discovered a fresh abode in the digital sphere, where enthusiasts from every corner of the globe come together to revel in their collective adoration for this K-pop sensation.

Top 5 BTS Discord server
Here is the top 5 BTS Discord Server (Image Credit)

Here is the top 5 BTS Discord servers

What sets the BTS Discord Servers apart is its commitment to embracing technology to foster genuine connections among fans. With channels dedicated to each member of BTS, fans can delve into personalized discussions and share their favorite moments related to their bias. The server also boasts exclusive access to live-streamed events, creating a virtual concert atmosphere where fans can collectively witness performances, interviews, and other exciting content in real-time.

Top 5 BTS Discord server
Number one between the BTS Discord Servers (Image Credit)

1. Bangtan ⋏ . bts . kpop

Bangtan is the most crowded and active among BTS Discord Servers. The number of members is 34000+ and the daily online number is 2200 people. This is a pretty good number for a music group. This server is also an anime server, it offers the opportunity to improve the relationship between communities by hosting two different communities together.

Top 5 BTS Discord server
A great BTS Discord servers where you can feel welcome (Image Credit)

2. Kpop Universe

Kpop Universe is the second most crowded server among BTS Discord servers. The number of members is over 8800, and the number of daily active members is 650+. When you log in to the server, admins, including online users, welcome your arrival with a message.

Top 5 BTS Discord server
A server where you will get enough of Kpop (Image Credit)

3. Aegyo

The third server is Aeygo. The number of members is 8600+, and the number of active members is 850+. Compared to the second most populous BTS Discord servers, the number of online members is higher, but the number of members is less than the difference in the number of online members between the two servers.

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In the realm of Aeygo, they present an array of channels and voice options, creating an interactive space for members to immerse themselves in the server. From exciting giveaways and cinematic movie nights to special event evenings and a bustling marketplace, the offerings are diverse and engaging. Additionally, our community warmly welcomes the sharing of artwork and memes, providing a creative outlet alongside the shared passion for K-pop.

Top 5 BTS Discord server
Where artificial intelligence and Kpop meet (Image Credit)

4. Kpop AI Universe

Designed with a focus on Kpop AI voice models, this server invites you to actively participate by contributing your AI models, requesting songs for AI to sing, or even crafting your AI covers and models. The server proudly houses an extensive and varied database encompassing a multitude of K-pop groups, including renowned ones such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Twice, EXO, and Stray Kids.

Within this rich assortment, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing AI-generated performances by your cherished idols, while also uncovering emerging talents in the dynamic landscape of the K-pop industry. Embrace a myriad of possibilities as you explore the world of AI-powered music, combining your passion for K-pop with cutting-edge technology.

Top 5 BTS Discord server
A server full of events and gifts (Image Credit)

5. ARMY Home

A welcoming community, that server is open to all seeking a sense of belonging. Discover a wealth of distinctive BTS emotes, both animated and still, adding a unique touch to your interactions. Members enthusiastically share BTS content through dedicated streams within the server. It’s a haven for ARMYs and anyone seeking a secure space to engage in conversations, gaming, music appreciation, and more.

Featured Image: The Korea Times

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