How to hide likes on X: Detailed explanations

In this article, you will learn how to hide likes on X. In a bid to enhance user experience and privacy, X, the social media giant formerly known as Twitter, has recently introduced two exclusive features for its Premium subscribers. For $8 per month, Premium users can now customize their profile in a more discreet manner by hiding their likes. Additionally, X is offering real ID verification, aiming to add an extra layer of security and credibility to its Premium user base.

Before X introduced its premium feature, people had to change their accounts from public to visible only to their followers in order to hide their likes. However, with the new premium feature, users will not need to play with the privacy settings of the account to hide their likes and you will be able to hide your likes from everyone in a simple way.

how to hide likes on x
The simple answer to the question of how to hide likes on X is to have a premium account (Image Credit)

A new level of profile customization: The first step of how to hide likes on X

The first feature allows Premium subscribers to hide the likes tab on their profiles, offering a more private browsing experience. Traditionally residing on a user’s profile, the likes tab showcases a feed of posts that the user has liked. By utilizing this new option, visitors to a user’s profile will no longer have access to this feed, affording users a sense of discretion.

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Locating the option to hide likes is straightforward. Premium users can navigate to the “Premium” tab, followed by “Preferences” and then “Early Access.” Under the “Profile Customization” tab, a simple checkbox enables the concealment of the likes tab. This feature addresses an issue where users may have inadvertently exposed their liked posts, leading to potential privacy concerns.


Despite potential apprehension among users, X owner Elon Musk suggests that keeping likes open is viable. Musk advises those wanting to save posts to use the built-in bookmarks privately feature rather than liking content publicly.

If you are not a premium user on X: How to hide likes on X

Unfortunately, if your X account is not premium, there is no way to hide your likes completely. However, when you hide your account, only your followers will be able to see your likes. As a result, you have to go premium to hide your likes from everyone. Let’s see how to hide likes on X to make your likes visible only to your followers;

  1. Navigate to “Settings” on your Twitter account.
  2. Choose “Privacy and safety” from the options.
  3. Access the “Audience, media, and tagging” tab.
  4. Activate the “Protect your posts” option and confirm the pop-up prompt.

By completing these steps, your once-public account now becomes private. While in private mode, your likes remain concealed from those who don’t follow you.

how to hide likes on x
With the arrival of the premium account, many security measures have been added (Image Credit)

Real ID Verification for more security

In a swift follow-up to the likes-hiding announcement, X has also unveiled real ID verification for its Premium subscribers. This feature, accessible under the “Verification” section of a user’s Premium settings, requires users to upload a photo of an official government ID along with a selfie.

Partnering with ID verification company Au10tix, X aims to leverage biometric data for secure user identification. According to X, there are tangible benefits to completing the ID verification process. Users who enable this feature will be adorned with an ID verification label, enhancing trust among other users. Furthermore, X pledges to offer “prioritized support” to verified users and promises additional perks in the future, including expedited blue checkmark verification reviews and more flexible profile updates.

Featured Image: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

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