During his European tour for the 2024 Euro Football Championship, popular streamer IShowSpeed encountered a disturbing incident in Norway that escalated into a mob-like situation involving his fans.

How did iShowSpeed mobbed in Norway?

The event unfolded on July 3 during a live stream, where IShowSpeed was inside a store and noticed a large crowd of his fans gathering outside. Known for his interactive and engaging streams, IShowSpeed encouraged the crowd to chant Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic “Siu” catchphrase. The atmosphere quickly became charged with excitement as fans responded enthusiastically.

However, in a moment of exuberance, IShowSpeed jumped up, inadvertently injuring his ankle on a nearby ledge. He repeated in pain that he may have broken his ankle, which added tension to the already charged situation. As he attempted to leave the store with the help of a security guard, the situation quickly spiraled out of control.

Fans, eager to get closer to IShowSpeed, surrounded him and the security guard, chanting his name and pressing in closer. Videos captured from the scene show fans standing on cars and one fan even jumping dangerously close to IShowSpeed amidst the chaos. The streamer, visibly panicked, called out for the crowd to stop, fearing for his safety as he got separated from his cameraman in the midst of the crowd.

Audio from the stream also captured IShowSpeed confronting someone who allegedly entered his getaway car amid the confusion, expressing frustration and concern for his safety.

“It’s not *** funny, bro! You’re not even *** listening,” he shouted amidst the commotion.

Feeling overwhelmed and threatened by the intensity of the situation, IShowSpeed made a stark declaration to his audience: “Bro, I’m never coming to this country again. I promise, on God, I’m never coming to this f*cking country.”

This incident highlights the challenges and risks that public figures like IShowSpeed face in their interactions with fans, especially in live and uncontrolled environments. Despite his popularity and engaging content, such incidents underscore the fine line between fan adoration and personal safety for online personalities.

As IShowSpeed continues his tour across Europe, his fans and followers remain concerned about his well-being and future plans amidst these unsettling events.

Featured image credit: Speedy Updates/X