The update has gone live, new content is here. Today we will show you how to get the Jack Sparrow Fortnite skin!

Fortnite’s summer update is finally here and we already had some information due to viral leaks circulated all over X and other platforms. You know, there are people who leak game updates for a living, that is probably due to the evolution of technology but that is not what we are here to talk about today.

Jack Sparrow Fortnite skin is here

Imagine you log into Fortnite, ready to play as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. But when you start the game after the Fortnite Summer 2024 update, Jack Sparrow is missing. Yeah, that is because you don’t get this kind of stuff for free; it was never like that. You either have to complete a set of quests or buy something in the game, and the Jack Sparrow Fortnite skin applies to the same scenario too. He’s not in the regular game store.

The arrival of Jack Sparrow and other pirate-themed skins from Pirates of the Caribbean makes this update special. While players were initially confused, it became clear that unlocking Jack Sparrow would be a special challenge suitable for a pirate of his fame. Despite being a fictional character, Jack Sparrow is definitely the most famous pirate of all time. Mr. Depp looks good in Fortnite too.

Jack Sparrow Fortnite
The Jack Sparrow Fortnite skin looks magnificent (Image Credit)

Buy the battle pass, get the Jack Sparrow Fortnite skin

So how do you get the Jack Sparrow Fortnite skin? Easy, to get the Jack Sparrow skin, players need to buy the Cursed Sails Pass. This special pass was first available on the event’s start day, June 22, but then it disappeared for a while. It will cost 1,000 V-Bucks when it’s available again. This pass gives you the Jack Sparrow skin right away and includes pirate-themed missions for more rewards.

The Cursed Sails Pass is your way to lots of Pirates of the Caribbean content. You get the Jack Sparrow outfit and many other unique items:

  • Jack Sparrow LEGO Style: This turns your character into a LEGO version of Jack Sparrow, adding fun to your pirate adventures.
  • Alternate Outfit and Iconic Emotes: These are great for showing Jack’s personality from the movies.
  • Cursed Jack Sparrow Outfit: This turns Jack Sparrow into the ghostly skeleton from the movies.

By completing quests and collecting Cursed Gold and Map Pieces, players can unlock even more pirate items:

  • Jack’s Compass Back Bling
  • Sparrow Run Emote
  • Jack Sparrow’s Sword Pickaxe
  • Pirate’s Grin Emoticon
  • Jar of Dirt Emote
  • Cursed Jack Sparrow Outfit
  • Banner Icon

Epic Games decided to hide the new event pass tab, but if you were able to grab your Jack Sparrow Fortnite skin, you can continue using it. It will probably back up soon, but we don’t know when. If you are one of those who were lucky to grab this skin, enjoy it because Jack Sparrow is a famous character and its amplification into the game is just on another level, it looks amazing.

The Cursed Sails Pass is available until August 6, 2024. This gives players plenty of time to enjoy their pirate roles, complete missions, and collect all the special items that Jack Sparrow brings to Fortnite. Don’t miss your chance to become one of cinema’s most famous pirates and leave your mark on the Fortnite island. With Fortnite Reload on the horizon, enjoy all these new updates!

Featured image credit: iFireMonkey


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