It is another day and you know what that means, the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5 code is finally available!

The game Hamster Kombat keeps players on their toes not just in battles but also with daily puzzles that offer fun and rewards. Each day, these puzzles give players a chance to win things like coins, exclusive items, and special moves.

The developers behind Hamster Kombat are known for adding exciting features that make the game more engaging. You will have codes each day and we will unravel them to you, just like we did before. Let’s take a look at the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5 code!

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5
Below you will find the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5 code (Image Credit)

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5 code

The Daily Cipher on July 5 promised players a huge prize of 1 million coins. This big reward got a lot of attention from gamers. Players had to interpret Morse code by tapping and holding on their game screen, according to the Morse sequence for “STAKE.”

Here’s how the code was set up:

  • S: three dots meant players had to tap once for each dot.
  • T: a dash meant a longer hold.
  • A: a dot and a dash meant a tap and then a hold.
  • K: dash-dot-dash meant hold, tap, and hold again.
  • E: a dot required one more tap.

This was the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5 code! Keep visiting our website for further codes!

How to use the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher code

To use the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5 code, players need to follow some simple steps. First, they find the “Earn per tap” button at the top of the home screen. Then they wait for the circle around their hamster to turn red. This red circle means the game is ready for the Morse code.

Players enter the Morse Code by tapping quickly for a dot (●) and holding down for a dash (▬). If players make a mistake, they can tap the “Earn per tap” section three times to start over. This feature lets players try again without any stress.

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5
The Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher July 5 code will be available for a day (Image Credit)

How long is the code available?

The Daily Cipher is available for just one day. Players must enter the code before midnight to get that day’s rewards. After midnight, a new cipher appears, and the chance to earn the previous day’s rewards goes away. This rule encourages players to log in and play every day.

The rewards for solving the Daily Cipher are great. Players can get bonus coins, new skins for their hamsters, and special items that make their hamsters stronger, faster, or tougher. These benefits are a big help in battles.

Also, special moves that players can unlock add a strategic element to the game. These moves give players new ways to win battles and keep the game interesting.

Every day, the Daily Cipher challenges players with new puzzles that offer big rewards and make the game a fun experience. The developers of Hamster Kombat keep finding creative ways to keep the game exciting and rewarding.

Featured image credit: Hamster Kombat