The entertainment world has been shaken up by the latest Dr. Disrespect statement in which the popular streamer confessed to messaging a minor through the Twitch Whisper app. It was recently disclosed by ex-Twitch employees and with the Doc’s latest tweet, it has been confirmed that the incident did indeed happen.

Recently, Dr Disrespect, also known as Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, made a statement that explains why Twitch banned him for life in 2020. This issue has caught the attention of many in the gaming world. The Dr. Disrespect statement confirmed all the wrongdoing and the real reason behind why he was banned from streaming on Twitch.

dr. disrespect statement
Details about the incident were confirmed in the Dr. Disrespect’s statement (Image Credit)

Dr. Disrespect statement made on X

On June 25, 2024, Dr Disrespect confirmed on Twitter that he did send messages to a minor in 2017 through Twitch’s Whisper feature. He described these messages as “casual, mutual conversations” that sometimes became inappropriate. He insisted there was no harmful intention or illegal activity. He stressed that no pictures were shared, and he never met the person.

Beahm stated he regrets the incident, saying “it should never have happened.” He also mentioned that he had settled the issue with Twitch through a civil agreement, not a criminal proceeding. This is the first time Beahm has publicly acknowledged the specific reason for his Twitch ban. Please check the full version of Dr. Disrespect statement below:

Turtle Beach Dr. Disrespect collab has ended

The Turtle Beach Dr. Disrespect collab has ended as the company decided not to pursue this partnership. The company had previously sponsored Beahm and produced a special headset themed after him. Turtle Beach told IGN that it would no longer work with Dr Disrespect, as the company wants to maintain its reputation.

This decision came after allegations about Beahm’s inappropriate behavior on Twitch. Ending the partnership with Turtle Beach is a significant loss for Beahm, affecting both financial support and promotional activities.

Dr. Disrespect Twitter account is at the center of criticism

After his statement, Dr Disrespect’s Twitter account became a major spot for public reaction. Many people went to his Twitter to share their thoughts. Some supported him and thanked him for his honesty, while others criticized his actions and the nature of the messages. However, a huge majority says that there is nothing to defend here as the Dr. Disrespect statement confirms the wrongdoing.

Dr. Disrespect Midnight Society collab has also come to an end

The controversy also affected Beahm’s other professional activities. Midnight Society, a game studio he helped start in 2021, ended its partnership with him after the allegations came out. The studio stated this was a joint decision to protect the studio’s culture and values. Robert Bowling shared a tweet saying that this is not acceptable and he cannot work with someone who inappropriately messages a minor. Read the full tweet below:

The Dr. Disrespect statement revealed all the truth behind the allegations. What happens next in his career will be closely watched by fans and critics alike.

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