According to the latest news, McDonald’s AI drive thru restaurants project has been halted. The fast food giant will continue working with IBM on different solutions, but for now, it is safe to say that AI drive thru hasn’t worked for McDonald’s.

Artificial intelligence is the technology of this era, and almost everyone is trying to use it for their own benefit, just like McDonald’s. The company tried to implement the tech and build AI drive thru restaurants but apparently it still needs time to understand orders and operate better in a broader perspective. McDonald’s has been working with IBM and both giants will continue their collaborations, despite the halt.

AI drive thru restaurants
McDonald’s AI drive thru project sounded pretty good at first but it didn’t work as expected (Image Credit)

End of the road for McDonald’s AI drive thru restaurants

McDonald’s has decided to stop using artificial intelligence, or AI, in its drive thru ordering systems. This decision affects more than 100 restaurants in the United States where the company was testing this technology. McDonald’s partnered with IBM to develop a system that they hoped would make ordering faster and more accurate. However, they faced issues like the system not understanding different accents well and not being able to ignore background noise. Because of these problems, McDonald’s plans to turn off this technology by July 26, 2024.

This move shows that McDonald’s is thinking carefully about how to use AI. It also shows a common trend in the fast-food industry where companies are excited about new technology but also careful about the real-world challenges these technologies can bring.

Voice ordering solution for AI drive thru

McDonald’s hasn’t given up on AI technology entirely. The company is still interested in developing AI for voice ordering. They aim to find a system that works well enough to use in all their restaurants by the end of 2024. McDonald’s believes that an effective voice ordering system could make the ordering process smoother and improve how customers experience their service.

This is part of a bigger plan at McDonald’s called “Accelerating the Arches.” This plan focuses on using modern technology to make the company’s operations more efficient. McDonald’s is looking for technology solutions that can meet their needs now and also be useful in the future.

AI drive thru restaurants
McDonald’s and IBM will continue their collaboration on further projects, apart from the AI drive thru restaurants (Image Credit)

Mcdonalds and IBM will continue their collaboration

Even though they are ending the AI drive thru project, McDonald’s still values its partnership with IBM. They plan to keep working together on other technology projects. IBM’s knowledge in AI and other digital solutions is important to McDonald’s as they try to include more advanced technology in their everyday operations.

IBM is also working with other fast-food companies that want to use the AI technology they developed with McDonald’s. This shows that there is a lot of interest in AI in the fast-food industry and that it will likely be a key area for future innovations.

So yes, McDonald’s AI drive thru restaurants haven’t worked out, but this doesn’t mean that the company is moving away from artificial intelligence.

Featured image credit: Jurij Kend/Unsplash


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