Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially if they are in Roblox currency? We put together a list of all the King Legacy codes that you can redeem in the game and get various free stuff! We will be updating this list to keep you up with the latest freebies in the game. You will also find more information about the game and these codes below!

In Roblox King Legacy, you can start an adventure as a Marine or a Pirate, inspired by the famous “One Piece” series. This game is very popular on Roblox, letting players sail across seas, discover new lands, and fight enemies for treasure. One important part of this game is the use of codes provided by the developers. These King Legacy codes help players by giving them gems, boosts, and cash. These are important for buying upgrades and other items in the game.

Before we move on with the latest King Legacy codes in Roblox, check out our other code guides:

king legacy codes
We will be updating all the King Legacy codes below Credit: King Legacy

Active King Legacy codes

  • OWNERMETEOR: Use for a Stat Reset (New)
  • WELCOMETOKINGLEGACY: Use for 30 Minutes x2 Exp (New)
  • PLAYKINGLEGACYFOR10GEMS: Use for 10 Gems (New)
  • FREESTATSRESET: Use for a Stat Reset (New)
  • UPDATE6: Use for 10 Copper Keys (New)
  • DOUGHAWAKENING: Use for 20 Minutes x2Exp (New)
  • ExperienceDoubling: Use for x2 Exp for 30 minutes
  • 10KYZX-4LPQ8-WFJ: Use for a Stat Reset
  • YT10K: Use for x2 Exp for 30 minutes
  • shutdownhotfix: Use for x2 Gold Keys
  • Peodiz10k: Use for x10 Gems
  • Sub2Leepungg: Use for a 30-min free 2x Exp and 10 Gems
  • 2MFAV: Use for a Stat Reset
  • Peodiz: Use for x100k Cash

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Expired King Legacy codes

  • Thx4Waiting
  • Halloween2023
  • Update4.7
  • UPDATE4.0.2
  • UPDATE4.5.0
  • UPDATE4.5.2
  • lagshallnotpass
king legacy codes
If you don’t know how to redeem King Legacy codes, pay close attention to the guide below Credit: King Legacy

How to enter code in King Legacy?

Here’s how you can use your King Legacy codes:

  1. Open King Legacy.
  2. Click the menu button under your HP bar.
  3. Click the cog icon.
  4. Enter one of the King Legacy codes from our list into the code box under the menu.
  5. Enjoy your rewards!

How to get more Roblox King Legacy codes

You can find the latest King Legacy codes on the game’s official Discord server. This is the best place for new codes but we will already be doing that for you. Of course, it is always best to get information directly from source but we will be doing that for you and add all the latest information to this King Legacy codes list.

Again, you are always free to check the official Discord channel yourself. Apart from checking codes, you should definitely join the official Discord channel for all the latest information, regardless of them being about codes.


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What do gems do in King’s Legacy 2024?

In King Legacy, Gems are very valuable. You can use them in many ways:

  • Gacha: Gems allow you to spin as many times as you want in the Gacha game. Each spin for a fruit costs 3 Gems. For more details about the chances and prizes, you can check the main Gacha page.

These Roblox King Legacy codes and their benefits help make your gaming experience more fun and exciting.

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