Football is beautiful on its own, but appealing kits just take it to a whole different level. We listed the top 10 Euro 2024 kits from the 24 teams currently participating in the tournament. We believe these kits add depth to our passion and help us enjoy the 90 minutes of fun even better.

Some of the manufacturers put on a show with some of the kits, and they did a great job making all the fans happy. This year, we have some very impressive kits but on the other side of the road, we are very disappointed in some of them. For example, Slovakia’s and Türkiye’s same and boring design with zero additions. Actually, Türkiye’s concept is understandable if you think about their old kits, but come on Nike, you have to add certain details next time and spend more than 15 minutes designing these things! These people watch Euro 2024 at their homes and you need to give them a visual carnival!

How did we decide the top 10 Euro 2024 kits list?

Honestly, we just looked at all the kits and their stories, that is all. Every country has a different story and these kits should represent their history, future or current values with beautiful designs. That is what we took into consideration. Some of these jerseys can look very simple but as long as they are appealing and share the story of these players, they found themselves a place in our top 10 Euro 2024 kits list.

10 – Italy

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Number 10 is Italy. To be honest their home jersey looks like training kits but the away shirt is the main reason Italy made it to our top 10 Euro 2024 kits list. Simple but appealing with Italy’s flag details. Lovely.

9 – Scotland

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Adidas did a great job on both Scotland jerseys. The home kit has its own details with irregular stripes all over it and the away shirt is very simple but looks very good. We are sure these kits will look awesome on the pitch.

8 – Portugal

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Portugal’s red kit has become a classic, we always see one plain red shirt on Ronaldo for the past couple of tournaments but the away shirt is awesome this year. The bright blue touch on a white plain background made it look great. Nike did another great job with Portugal shirts this year.

7 – Albania

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Who would have thought, right? Shqiptars have a great jersey by Macron. Macron has done a great job against the giants Nike, Adidas and Puma with this shirt. Albania had to find themselves a place in our top 10 Euro 2024 kits list with these shirts.

6 – Switzerland

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Another Puma shirt with a very simple design but great looking. Switzerland’s Puma kits look very basic but they have this simple beauty

5 – England

top 10 euro 2024 kits

English fans were very disappointed in Nike’s work but honestly, these kits are quite good. Of course, most of the concerns were on another topic and not the general design of these kits but the simplicity in him and the lovely details of the away shirt impressed us. We listed England fifth in our top 10 Euro 2024 kits list!

4 – Austria

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Looking at all the basic shirts, Austira surely did the best work. Puma’s basic shirts are always good and the home kit’s details are very impressive. It is said that they represent the modern structure of Austria and the white jersey is just white. Again, the simplicity creates perfection in Austria’s Euro 2024 kit.

3 – Netherlands

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Netherlands’ orange kit has become a classic and just like every year, we have another kind of orange for the home kit. The details on this one are quite good, with irregular stripes coming from the top to the bottom. On the other hand, the away jersey has a different design with orange details on it, but it is obviously built on dark colors because it is an away jersey. Netherlands’ kits are third on our top 10 Euro 2024 kits list!

2 – France

top 10 euro 2024 kits

France’s kit kind of looks like a baseball jersey, especially the away one. However, Nike tried a different collar design with this one, and we have to admit that it is definitely not that bad. Honestly, this is not the best France jersey of all time, but looking at the current Euro 2024 kits, this one is easily in the top three.

1 – Germany

top 10 euro 2024 kits

Let’s be honest, Germany has by far the best kits out of all the Euro 2024 teams. The details on their home jersey’s shoulders, the colors of their flag, and the simplicity are just on another level. On the other hand, their away jersey has a brave color palette, but it looks like Adidas has done a great job here. Hats off to the designers of this shirt, and there is no doubt that this is number one on our top 10 Euro 2024 kits list!

What do you think about our top 10 Euro 2024 kits list? Share your comments with us below!

Featured image credit: UEFA


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