After Euro 2024 and the buzz around Germany’s standout kit, the conversation about the best Euros kits has reignited among football fans. The UEFA European Championship boasts a rich history of memorable kits, each leaving an indelible mark with their unique designs and the unforgettable moments they witnessed.

Think back to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s sensational bicycle kick against Italy, a moment that knocked out the Italians and left fans in awe. One of the first images that likely comes to mind is the vibrant yellow Sweden kit, perfectly framing that acrobatic feat. Such moments showcase how these kits become intertwined with the history and emotion of the sport. They aren’t just uniforms; they are emblems of national pride, artistic expression, and the drama of football.

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Best Euros kits

Here, we celebrate the best Euro kits that have ever graced the tournament, each a masterpiece in its own right:

Top 10 Euro 2024 kits listed

Netherlands – Euro 1988

The Netherlands’ kit for Euro 1988 is often considered the pinnacle of football design. Crafted by Adidas, this kit featured a bold geometric pattern in vibrant shades of orange, embodying the Dutch team’s dynamic style of play. This kit is more than just a design marvel; it symbolizes the Netherlands’ triumph as they secured their first major international title. Marco van Basten’s legendary volley in the final against the Soviet Union, with the Dutch team clad in this iconic kit, remains one of the most unforgettable moments in football history.

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Denmark – Euro 1992

Denmark’s Euro 1992 kit, designed by Hummel, is synonymous with one of the greatest underdog stories in sports. The red and white jersey, featuring a distinctive diagonal stripe pattern, was both classic and striking. Denmark’s unexpected journey to lifting the trophy, after being called up at the last minute to replace Yugoslavia, made this kit legendary. The sight of the Danish team celebrating their improbable victory in this memorable kit is a timeless image of hope and perseverance in football.

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Croatia – Euro 1996

Croatia made a memorable debut in the European Championship with their striking checkered kit at Euro 1996. Inspired by the Croatian coat of arms, the red and white checks designed by Lotto became an instant classic. This kit represented Croatia’s national identity and pride, and their impressive run to the quarter-finals further enhanced its iconic status. The Croatian team’s bold and beautiful kit from Euro 1996 remains a favorite among fans and a symbol of the nation’s footballing emergence.

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Germany – Euro 2012

Germany’s kit for Euro 2012, created by Adidas, masterfully combined modern style with a nod to the country’s rich football heritage. The sleek white jersey with thin horizontal stripes in the colors of the German flag exuded sophistication and power. This kit became a symbol of a new era of German football dominance, as the team showcased their tactical brilliance and reached the semi-finals. The design’s simplicity and elegance have cemented its place among the best Euro kits of all time.

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Portugal – Euro 2016

Portugal’s Euro 2016 kit, designed by Nike, is unforgettable for its sleek and modern look and the historic victory it represents. The dark red jersey with green accents was stylish and contemporary, reflecting the Portuguese team’s spirit. This kit became legendary as Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, clinched their first major international trophy. The image of Ronaldo lifting the trophy in this striking kit is a defining moment in Euro history and a testament to Portugal’s footballing prowess.

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Each of these kits tells a story that transcends the fabric they are made of. They are symbols of national pride, artistic expression, and the unforgettable moments they were part of. These kits are not just uniforms; they are icons of the beautiful game’s rich and colorful history.

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