The opening games of Group A are now completed with the Hungary vs. Switzerland Euro 2024 match. The Swiss team had dominance from the start until the very end and picked up a 3-1 victory over Hungarians to make a strong start, just like Germany did against Scotland yesterday.

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Swiss fans are happy after the Hungary vs. Switzerland Euro 2024 match

Switzerland took down Hungary with a score of 3-1 in their first game of the tournament. This victory took place in Cologne, where Swiss fans filled the stadium with excitement and support for their team. Right from the start, Switzerland showed they were in control. They played aggressively, keeping the ball most of the time and constantly threatening the Hungarian goal.

hungary vs. switzerland
Szoboszlai did everything he could in the Hungary vs. Switzerland Euro 2024 game (Image Credit: UEFA)

Hungary National Football Team Starting Lineup

  • 1 Peter Gulacsi
  • 2 Adam Lang
  • 4 Attila Szalai
  • 5 Attila Fiola
  • 6 Willi Orban
  • 11 Milos Kerkez
  • 8 Adam Nagy
  • 10 Dominik Szoboszlai
  • 13 Andras Schafer
  • 20 Roland Sallai
  • 19 Barnabas Varga

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Switzerland National Football Team Starting Lineup

  • 1 Yann Sommer
  • 3 Silvan Widmer
  • 5 Manuel Akanji
  • 13 Ricardo Rodriguez
  • 22 Fabian Schar
  • 8 Remo Freuler
  • 10 Granit Xhaka
  • 20 Michel Aebischer
  • 17 Ruben Vargas
  • 18 Kwadwo Duah
  • 19 Dan Ndoye

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One-sided performance in the Hungary vs. Switzerland Euro 2024 game

The game began with an energetic start as Switzerland took the lead in the 12th minute. Duah scored a goal that was initially not allowed. However, after checking the video replay (VAR), the referees confirmed it was a good goal. This early lead gave the Swiss team more confidence. They continued to press Hungary and maintained strong control over the game.

Before the first half ended, Aebischer scored a fantastic goal, making the score 2-0. He received the ball at the edge of the box, decided not to pass, and instead shot it beautifully into the corner of the net. This goal was crucial and showed the high skill level of the Swiss team. The fans were thrilled and cheered loudly, showing their appreciation for such a great performance.

Switzerland’s strategy was clear from the beginning. They wanted to dominate the game and they did exactly that. Their first goal set the pace, and they continued to push Hungary hard. Aebischer, who played exceptionally well, got his chance and scored the second goal for Switzerland. This put even more pressure on Hungary, who found it hard to keep up with the pace and skill of the Swiss players.

In the 66th minute, Hungary managed to score a goal by Varga, making it 1-2. For a moment, it looked like Hungary might come back into the game. They tried very hard to score another goal and tie the game. Switzerland, however, defended well and kept Hungary from scoring more.


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The final moments of the Hungary vs. Switzerland Euro 2024 match were intense. Hungary made a mistake when Fiola misdirected a header. Embolo was quick to take advantage of this error. He volleyed the ball over the goalkeeper’s head and scored the third goal for Switzerland. This goal, in the 93rd minute, confirmed Switzerland’s win at 3-1.

The match ended with Swiss fans celebrating the victory. Their team had played well, shown great skill, and taken their chances. The fans were happy because the team’s performance gave them hope for the rest of the tournament. Switzerland looked like a team that could go very far in Euro 2024.

This isn’t the last match of the tournament obviously, we still have more action just like the Hungary vs. Switzerland Euro 2024 competition. Stay tuned for all the updates!

Featured image credit: UEFA


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