Are you looking to get the Fortnite Nick Eh 30 skin earlier than others? Good news for you, there is a chance… Your favorite streamer’s big announcement came alongside the Nick Eh 30 Cup and don’t worry, we covered them all for you!

Revealed by Nick Eh 30 himself during a live stream on June 11, this new skin is part of Fortnite’s Icon Series. Fans won’t have to wait long as the skin will be available in the Item Shop starting June 15. However, there’s a special chance for players to get it earlier by joining the Nick Eh 30 Icon Cup. Those who are looking to get the Fortnite Nick Eh 30 skin before others, pay attention to the coming part!

Fortnite Nick Eh 30 skin
Even better news, you don’t only get the Fortnite Nick Eh 30 skin but there is one more reward… (Image Credit)

How to get the Fortnite Nick Eh 30 skin

If you want to grab the Nick Eh 30 skin before it hits the Item Shop, you’ll need to join the Nick Eh 30 Icon Cup on June 12. This duo tournament is open to players who have at least a Bronze ranking in the game.

To enter, players should go to the Compete tab in the game during the tournament, which is scheduled at different times for different regions:

  • Oceania, Asia, and Brazil: 6 PM
  • EU and Middle East: 7 PM
  • North America: 8 PM CT

The tournament lasts for three hours, and players can join up to 10 matches to score as many points as they can.

Fortnite Nick Eh 30 Cup Guide

Okay, you get the Fortnite Nick Eh 30 skin   if you success in the Nick Eh 30 Cup, but what actually is this tournament? The Icon Cup offers more than just the chance to win the Nick Eh 30 skin. There are various prizes depending on how well teams perform in different regions:

  • Oceania (OCE): 100 teams
  • Asia: 250 teams
  • Middle East (ME): 100 teams
  • Europe (EU): 1,300 teams
  • Brazil (BR): 250 teams
  • North America (NA): 1,000 teams

The top teams will get the Nick Eh 30 skin, “Never Back Down” back bling, “Eh Crown” pickaxe, and other themed items. Players can also earn extra rewards during the tournament: scoring 8 points gets you the “King Eh 30” spray, and knocking out 30 opponents earns the “You Think You’re the King?” emote.

Fortnite Nick Eh 30 skin
Great, so who is this Nick Eh 30 guy? (Image Credit)

Who is Nick Eh 30?

Nick Eh 30, whose real name is Nicholas Amyoony, is a major player in the Fortnite scene. With over 7 million followers, he’s as popular as Fortnite legends like Ninja and TheGrefg, who also have their own Icon Series skins.

Nick’s skin is designed with a lot of care and reflects his vibrant personality and approach to gaming. Getting this skin means more than just owning another item in the game—it’s a way to celebrate a key figure in the world of Fortnite.

With the Icon Cup around the corner, players from all over are getting ready to compete, not only to win exclusive items but also to honor one of the most engaging personalities in Fortnite today.

Featured image credit: Fortnite


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