Let’s just directly dive right into what we want to talk about today, 5 Dead Island 2 secrets that you probably didn’t know about. This popular game that we waited for YEARS is full of adventure and fun but there are some things that you will enjoy more if you know about.

Dead Island 2 was one of the most awaited games of 2023. Enthusiasts of the previous games waited years and years for the title, and, as expected, they spent hours and hours of their time on it. Thanks to these players, we now know more than what we were told about the game. Did you know that there are many Dead Island 2 secrets that developers haven’t mentioned anywhere, but players had to find them all themselves? While there are many secrets, we have five of the most important ones listed in this piece!

You may have missed these Dead Island 2 secrets

Set in the sunny setting of Los Angeles, this game impresses with its beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, and clever features. As you explore the streets of LA, you’ll find every detail, from the famous landmarks to the zombie mobs, is incredibly well done. The game really shines in how it mixes scary and funny moments, and it gives you lots of ways to customize your weapons and skills, making it feel like your personal survival journey.

Moreover, the characters are so varied and interesting you’ll want to dive deeper into their stories. The fighting is fun and creative, allowing you to experiment with different ways to take on zombies, making every battle feel new and exciting. Dead Island 2 brings new ideas and gameplay that make the game more fun and challenging. Playing with friends is especially great; you can team up to survive the zombie chaos together. This teamwork, combined with the thrill of facing tough odds, is why players love returning.

Let’s move on to 5 Dead Island 2 secrets that you need to know!

Dead Island 2 secrets
These Dead Island 2 secrets will help you enjoy this game even more (Image Credit)

5 – Explore beyond the map

Dead Island 2 has an “okay” map size that lets you wander around Los Angeles, but did you know that there is actually more to it? Many players think they can see everything on the map, but guess what, they are wrong. Dead Island 2’s map highlights several points on the map, but it doesn’t reveal everything. So, how do you explore beyond the map? The trick lies behind the “Compass Bar.” It will help you find hidden areas where you will find a handful of unique items.

4 – Gather special loot with selected zombies

Dead Island 2 brings a new twist with named and Apex zombies, each offering special prizes. Beating these tough enemies might help you find keys to open treasure chests full of cool stuff. With 146 named zombies all over the game, searching for these keys turns into its own exciting journey. But the real fun isn’t just in the hunt; it’s in the awesome rewards you get, which can help you stay alive in the game.

3 – Permanent “gainz”

The challenge system in Dead Island 2 brings so much more to the table. You know how “gainz” are very important for gym bros, you can think of the challenge system as the gym and you are a “bro” who is trying to put on more muscle. As you complete these tasks, you will be awarded permanent power-ups as well as special weapons and mods. There are over 80 challenges that you can try, and you will most likely have fun if you are a fan of the Dead Island franchise. They’re even sorted into groups, so it’s really easy to find the ones you’ll enjoy the most.

Dead Island 2 secrets
One of the best Dead Island 2 secrets is definitely bunny hopping around the map (Image Credit)

2 – Bunny hopping makes the difference

Many players are familiar with bunny hopping, especially the FPS players, and you can use this feature to travel much faster in Dead Island 2. Sometimes, players are forced to travel all around the map just to complete a mission and sprinting can be boring after some time; that is when bunny hopping comes into the equation. You can move much faster using this technique and it will also be a fun road trip for you while keeping your pace and dodging all the obstacles and zombies.

1 – Zompedia

If you haven’t been using Zompedia, take this as a warning and start using it right now! You need to gather intel to get ahead in the game, and Zompedia is your go-to place. It will give you information about your enemy’s weaknesses and give you the upper hand against them. This way, you’ll know what strategy to follow against which enemy later in the game.

Keep these 5 Dead Island 2 secrets in your mind next time you launch the game and concentrate on these aspects to have more fun in the game!

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