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Wrestling - Decorating Theme for a Teenage Boy's Bedroom

Wrestling  - Decorating Theme for a Teenage Boy's Bedroom


   Your teenage son watches all the WWE and other wrestling shows he can on t.v., and practices weekly at the gym.  Boxing or wrestling is his thing, and a bedroom to go with this theme is not impossible to create.  Start with a color scheme using his favorite wrestler's colors, and take it from there.  You could even transform his whole room into a mini wrestling arena, or just decorate it with this theme.  Transforming the whole room into a mini looking arena can be as simple as adding ropes across the walls all around the bedroom, attached to the walls with a post in each corner.  You could also paint ropes across the walls to simulate a wrestling ring.

  The walls can have posters of wrestling favorites, or scenes from WWE.  Signposts announcing a wrestling contest can also be made and displayed on the walls or on your teen's bedroom door.  Add a few peel and stick silhouettes of "spectators" behind the ring on the wall.  You could also hang a pair of boxing gloves for display on the wall.  WWE memorabilia can be displayed, either hung directly on the wall or set on a display shelf.  Any trophies won by your wrestler can also be displayed prominently.  Championship belts are another item that can be hung on the wall for decoration.  A collage of wrestling photos and pictures, and perhaps some tickets from matches, can be made and added to the wall.

  Bedding can be found either with the WWE logo or again, in the same colors used by his favorite wrestler.  Other bedding can be found with the images of WWE wrestlers.  Add scatter rugs in the same color scheme.  An inflatable WWE chair or two can be added in the room.  Wrestling figurines, or "bobbing head" WWE wrestlers on a shelf or dresser are great added touches. Switch plate covers and alarm clocks with the WWE theme are available, too, on places like ebay. 

  Just check around the internet.  There are places to buy items with wrestling and WWE themes.  With a little research and your decorating skills, your teenager can have a wrestling themed bedroom for years.

The ideas used to decorate your teenage boy's bedroom can be adapted and used for other locations in your home like the living room. If you are a real fan of wrestling, you can even take things a little further by decorating your living room with a wrestling theme. That might actually be an overkill but at least you get the idea.

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Written by careercounselor, 4 years ago
Wrestling is one of those activities that will attract boys because they almost look like superheros on television.

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