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Unemployed Get Free Food From Churches

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Free Food From Church Food Banks

The unemployed may be able to get free food from Christian churches in some cases. If a church can afford to help the poor and needy, it probably will. The bible teaches Christian churches to help the poor and needy. The bible tells local churches to care for all people but especially for the people in the local church. But the churches main purpose is to take the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to every one, but if some churches gave away free food to everyone that came to them, they could go bankrupt. But if you're unemployed, there’s a good chance that you can get free food from a true Christian church.


Soup Kitchens, Food Banks, Restaurants & Free Food

Food kitchens in some ministries have gone from simple soup kitchens to restaurants that offer low cost meals. Their menus offer a wide variety of food choices. Some of these restaurants are slightly upscale in décor and service including white linen and centerpieces on the tables. Some of them are separate business units that operate apart from the church. They may also provide jobs for members and people in the community. In some cases, these food banks also provide free food for people that can’t afford to pay anything.


Swallow Your Pride Get Free Food

If you’re unemployed, the first meal that you may have to eat is pride pudding. If you’ve worked all of your life and provided for your family, it can be hard to ask for help if you let pride get the best of you. But you may have to swallow your pride and go to a local church to ask for help. The purpose of Christian churches is to offer people the chance to become a part of Gods family. But the church is also to try to care for these new believers, mentally, and physically. If you become a part of a local church, you can get help from the church and then help others that need help. You also get in position to get free food from the food ministry if and when you need it.


Personal Questions

If you ask for help, don’t be surprised if church leaders ask about your finances and your unemployment because they’re responsible for handling Gods money. Food banks are for people that have real needs. They can’t take the place of working to provide for yourself and your family. But they’re a short term help to get you through. If you're unemployed and need food, swallow your pride and talk to a local ministry about getting free food for your family today.

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user avatar
Written by Angelgirlpj, 3 months ago
Our church has a soup kitchen where they feed approx 50 that come in and then deliver another 50 per week. Our church loves to help, however, those looking for a free handout (money) may get turned away. I know our pastor has offered work for money needed and the persons have refused. They were the kind going from church to church and they had no intention of working.
user avatar
Written by Jasmine, 3 years ago
Hm, pride pudding...I don't know the taste of it (at least concerning this subject), but I can imagine how it must taste. Great choice of words although it made me a little sad. But, the truth usually doesn't make one happy, right?

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