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Unable to Copy Product Images from Amazon? The Solution

** Update August 08, 2013 **

After the recent upgrade, the information in this article is no longer valid. I keep it for the record (if there are some curious people) and maybe if some people need it for their articles at TopicSpotter. I believe most of it would be relevant there.

So how to do things in the new Seekyt? Simply add a link to Amazon (on a separate line for example), with whatever anchor text you want and Seekyt will automatically convert it into an Amazon module. For more information about the recent changes, have a look here.



I have already written an article about how to add an Amazon product to your Seekyt articles and I have written several howto articles about how to use images in Seekyt.

However, sometimes, when promoting a product from Amazon, you are not able to copy the product image. When mousing over the image, you get a zoom of the image and a right click doesn't have any effect. Here is how I solve this problem and how I add the product image in my Seekyt article in this case.


Unable to Copy Product Image

No Copy Option


*** Update July 2013 ***

Seems there is an easy way to go round this problem (thanks chikung for letting me know through a comment). Simpy LEFT-click on the image and a new window should appear with the image. Copy its URL as normal and you are good to go. I keep the procedure below in case this doesn't work for a reason or another.


1. Take a Screenshot of the Amazon Page

Get the mouse out of the image area and use the print screen button. It will take make a copy of the whole screen including the image you want (use Alt+PrtScr if you only want a screenshot of the current window). 


2. Open an Image Editor

You can use sophisticated image editors but MS-paint is more than sufficient for this task. Open it (if you don't find it, use the search bar in your start menu and type paint).


3. Paste the Screenshot

Paste the screenshot you took of the page (Ctrl-V).


4. Cut the Product Image

If you are using Paint, use the "Select" button (with a dot-line rectangle) and delimit the product image.Use Ctrl-X to cut this image



Delimiting the Product Image


5. Paste It in a New Image

Use the Ctrl-N shortcut to get a new blank page, confirm that you do NOT want to save anything and when you get the new blank page, use Ctrl-V to paste the image you just cut (after having delimited it).

Secret Tip: when you get the new blank page, reduce its size before pasting the product image. This way, you won't need to play with the borders to fit the product image.


6. Save the Product Image on Your PC

You are finished, you can save the product image on your PC and use it in your Seekyt article.It may seem like a lot of work but actually when you get used to it, it doesn't take more than a few minutes per image.

Here is the example:

Get this wonderful pitcher at Amazon!

Note from August 08, 2013: because of the Seekyt changes, I have updated the links from amazon to ama-zon to avoid getting an Amazon module instead of what I want here.

If you want more information about how to add this newly created image in your Seekyt article, please check these articles:

Another related article: Getting Started at Seekyt

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user avatar
Written by chikung, 1 year ago
I found out 2 ways to go around this issue:
first I realized that this is the case in Chrome but if I go over to Firefox there is no such thing

then I got this in Firefox as well sometimes and this is when "by mistake" I found out how it works :)
Left click slowly on the image and wait then for a couple of seconds - an image box will pop up and from there you can copy the image URL

It is much faster than print screen, copy, crop, edit save :)
user avatar
Written by adragast, 1 year ago
Nice to know, thanks for sharing! I will try it as soon as I have a second.
user avatar
Written by WriteNow, 1 year ago
It will definitely be helpful to resize and use an editor for pictures. Thank you for the tips!
user avatar
Written by adragast, 1 year ago
You're welcome, thanks for your comment!

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