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Turn Junk into Pretty Plant Holders

Do people that are talented ever intimidate you and you do not feel you could ever be a Martha Stewart? Turning junk into pretty plant holders is easy; let me show you a tip that even I can do.

Things you will need:

• Junk that no one else wants
• Old Tea Pots
• Old Coffee Pots
• Chairs with the seats missing
• Wheelbarrow
• Potting Soil
• Gloves
• Plants/flowers

Go junk hunting. If your husband is like mine nothing is thrown away, just look around.
Another way is on trash day, people throw out junk that you may consider a treasure. Help yourself if they do not want it. Turn that junk into something pretty!
Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Go to Wal-mart, K-mart, your local nursery or greenhouses. Find plants or flowers that suit your taste. No one likes the same thing. Find something just for you.
If do not have a green thumb and keep living plants alive, purchase silk ones. My sister-in-law used living plants on this bench.

Buy a big bag of potting soil. You can purchase potting soil anywhere; I usually go to one of the Dollar stores.

Start arranging the plants as you would like to put them in your containers.

Remove some of the soil that is around the roots.

Put potting soil into the container to raise the plants up. Start placing the plants into the container; add potting soil firming it around them.

You can add a bow to the handle is you like. I am not into bows but some people are. If you have real talent, you could put some artwork on the pot as well.

Water your plants well.


Look, you've created something beautiful out of junk.
Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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Written by Sgolis, 3 years ago
A good place to fine containers that nobody wants is at yard sales. However I have found some old tins that were stacked by curb and these tins made nice planters for herbs. I do most of my junk hunting in the spring. It is good to recycle. Tweet and G+

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