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Top Ten Benefits of Vitamin B12 Shots for Dogs

The end of 2010, my little dog -- a 7-pound Papillon -- became very stressed after a flood in our house forced us to move into a small hotel room for many months. Moving to a strange location, my own stress, workmen tearing up our house over several months, and a chaotic schedule caused my dog so much anxiety that her little system began to fail.

The Effects of Stress on Dogs

Within a month, my dog lost her appetite, started throwing up, became arthritic and irritable, began to have seizures, and she lost her vision, hearing and sense of balance almost overnight. Soon after she stopped eating, my little fur buddy stopped drinking. I took her in to see our regular vet several times, but her health continued to decline. The last week in December, I had to have her rehydrated and for some reason, B-12 shots (Cobalamin or Cyanocobalamin) popped into my head, so I inquired about them. My vet said it couldn't hurt, so my dog had her first B-12 vitamin injection and she showed mild improvement for a couple of days.

However, on New Year's Day, my dog had again stopped eating and drinking and was lethargic, so I took her in to the emergency veterinarian. They tersely informed me my dog had no quality of life and should be put down. Instead, I asked them to rehydrate her, and I again requested a Vitamin B12 shot. My dog showed mild improvement again.

Although my dog didn't suddenly get better, after four weekly shots of B12 and some other changes, my canine friend was on the road to recovery and is now a healthy, happy little Papillon again, although she still needs regular injections of B12, usually every two weeks.

Why B12 Vitamin Shots for Stressed Dogs?

B12 is not only a vitamin that humans take, but it benefits dogs as well. It is one of the eight B vitamins. All the B vitamins are important for a dog's health, energy and appetite, but B12 has some specific benefits that helped save my dog's life. 

Here are the top ten benefits of Vitamin B12 shots for our canine friends and why shots of Vitamin B12 may help dogs live a longer, healthier life.


Top 10 Benefits of Vitamin B12 Shots for Dogs

  1. Vitamin B12 Shots Help Prevent Anemia in Dogs -- Vitamin B12 is a vitamin which helps prevent anemia in dogs. Anemia can lead to appetite problems, lethargy and immune system weakening. Vitamin B12 helps the dog's body naturally produce healthy red and white blood cells. This helps alleviate the symptoms of anemia in canines and can result in increased appetite and higher energy levels in dogs.

  2. Vitamin B12 Shots Help Synthesize Enzymes in Dogs -- Vitamin B12 plays an essential part in the synthesis of several enzymes which play an important role in many biological processes in a dog's body. It also assists in fatty acid synthesis.
  3. Vitamin B12 Shots Treat Intestinal Conditions in Dogs -- Vitamin B12 shots are often used to treat intestinal conditions that result from bacterial imbalances such as bacterial overgrowth, increased toxic metabolites and pancreatic conditions. Treating these conditions can lead to a healthier dog with a more robust appetite.
  4. Vitamin B12 Shots Boost the Appetite of Dogs -- While B12 is good for dogs with anemia or enzyme problems, Vitamin B12 shots help increase the appetite of dogs, even if they are not suffering from anemia, enzyme problems or other intestinal conditions. Many underweight dogs or sick dogs may need get regular B12 shots to stimulate their appetite and energy levels.
  5. Vitamin B12 Shots Increase Energy and Well Being in Dogs -- Vitamin B12 shots also play an important part in nervous system function in dogs and energy production. A B12 shot increases energy and reduces tiredness, depression, anxiety, and lethargy. Vitamin B12 shots promote health and a sense of well-being in both people and their canine companions.
  6. Vitamin B12 Shots Are Involved in Cell Metabolism in Dogs -- Vitamin B12 shots are involved in the metabolism of every cell in a dog's body, and are especially important in DNA synthesis and regulation.
  7. Vitamin B12 Shots for Dogs are Inexpensive -- My vet is not the least expensive in town, yet a B12 shot for my dog is only $3. I spent well over $1000 on vet bills from November 2010 through Marsh 2011. I imagine I could have saved more than 90% of that cost had my vet recommended B12 shots when my dog first began losing her appetite and show signs of distress.
  8. Vitamin B12 Shots Deliver More B12 to Dogs than Regular Vitamin Supplements -- While B12 is found in most canine vitamin supplements, my dog was refusing to take any oral vitamins, and with B12 injections, more of the B12 vitamin is delivered to the dog's system than through conventional vitamin supplements.
  9. Vitamin B12 Shots are Painless to Dogs -- Another nice thing about B12 shots is they seem to be painless to dogs. My little dog is a big sissy, yet she shows no after-effects or pain after her Vitamin B12 injections.
  10. Vitamin B12 Shots Have Few Negative Side Effects for Dogs -- Vitamin B12 has extremely low toxicity. While reports that a congenital B12 malabsorption syndrome has been reported in giant schnauzers, border collies, beagles, and in cats, the vast majority of dogs show no harmful side effects from low doses of B12 vitamin shots.

My Dog's Good Results from Vitamin B12 Injections

This article was written eight months after I was told to put my dog to sleep. She is a healthy, happy little Papillon again, and Vitamin B12 shots helped bring her back to health. B12 shots are helping her stay healthy while we remain in an ongoing stressful situation.

Neither my own vet nor the emergency veterinarian suggested B12 shots when my dog began to fail. I had to go with my gut instinct and request the Vitamin B12 shots for my dog as well as do my own research.  I hope my experience and the 10 benefits of B12 injections for dogs I shared will help other pet owners avoid the horrible ordeal of almost losing a stressed-out canine companion.


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user avatarTyler  


user avatar
Written by careercounselor, 4 years ago
This is really interesting to know especially when it comes to treating dog illnesses. Medical treatment for dogs is a big industry as well.
user avatar
Written by Sgolis, 4 years ago
At the time when Scotti was suffering, I was working as a pet rescuer with my local veterinarian. I had several mature dogs under my roof. IV's and B-12 shots were not unusual in the treatment of rehabilitating an abused or neglected dog that was suffering from stress or anxiety. I would check the dogs often for dehydration, and lack of appetite or willingness to participate in activities. A dog suffering from anxiety is one that sleeps a lot or hides in the back of the closet. I would often inquire about a b-12 shots and if the Vet thought the treatment was helpful they had no problem administering the treatment. I still rescue dogs and cats and rehabilitate them for adoption by working with my Veterinarian. I guess I know more than the average pet owner about how to help a dog recover from depression, stress and anxiety. Most pet owners have one or two dogs. My kennels can give shelter to 10 pets.
user avatar
Written by KathrynDarden, 4 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. Susan, how interesting that you had a similar experience. So many people I have talked to have never heard of giving B-12 shots to dogs, but like you said, "it was a miracle." You may be right about small dogs feeling stress more than large dogs. Good for you for not giving up on Scotti, and shame on all the vets who give up too soon!
user avatar
Written by Angelgirlpj, 4 years ago
Wow I had no clue that B12 was that good for dogs. I think I'll try it on old pup as he has itchy skin.
user avatar
Written by Sgolis, 4 years ago
My mom's parti pomeranian suffered similar symptoms after my mom passed away. My veterinarian explained that the little dog had a broken heart. I was unwilling to give up on Scotty so he too had an IV for fluids and was given a series of b-12 shots. He had treatment for about 5 weeks and then it was a miracle. I think the little dogs feel more stress than the larger dogs. I gave you a +1, and shared on FB and twitter.
user avatar
Written by Tyler, 4 years ago
This is an amazing and heartwarming story :)

I'll be sure to remember about the b-12 shots if my dog is ever ill like that. Thanks for sharing!

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