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Top 5 Best Millionaires Giving Away Free Money - Billionaires and Charities Giving Away Free Money

It is likely that you have already heard of the rich and the famous donating their money to charities and particularly needy individuals. Perhaps even you or someone you know has been helped in a time of need by such generosities.

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In the United States there are many billionaires and charities giving away free money, some are well known but others are are practically unheard of, and yet they donate millions of dollars in financial aid every day.

If you're unemployed and need cash now or need free money to pay bills then there's nothing stopping you from contacting these generous millionaires for help.

How to Get Cash Now

This financial relief is usually in the form of donations to charities but scholarships and direct assistance are also common.

If you or someone you know is currently in need of help because of insurmountable student fees, debt, the loss of a job or a natural disaster then you may be able to receive some aid from one of these top 5 millionaires giving away free money.


Sandra Bullock the Queen of Disaster Relief

Millionaires Giving Away Free Money

The first of the top 5 best millionaires giving away free money is Sandra Bullock who is well known for her awareness and financial efforts after hurricane Katrina destroyed the lives of so many. Bullock gave away monetary assistance to the schools to help them rebuild and families to help the rebuild and get their kids to school. If you need cash now or money now it's worth contacting this Hollywood celebrity for money.

Millionaires Giving Away Free Money - Sandra Bullock

Bob Boyd and His Uncle Jimmie's Fortune

Billionaires Giving Away Free Money

The second of the top 5 best millionaires giving away free money is Bob Boyd who now manages the Jimmie L. Dean Foundation. Boyd's late uncle was a private millionaire who earned his fortune the hard way and chose to put it to a charitable use.

The foundation gives out scholarships of up to ten thousand dollars to students in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

Millionaires Giving Away Free Money - Jimmy Dean FoundationMillionaires Looking to Give Away Money - Jimmy Dean Foundation

Warren Buffet the Trendsetter

Millionaires in The United States Giving Away Money

The third of the top 5 best millionaires giving away free money is Warren Buffet. Buffet pledged to give away, at a minimum, half of his money to charities and deserving people. The ramifications of this action ended up being far greater as the man inspired many other billionaires to do the same thing.

Now giving away a couple thousand dollars isn't that hard but giving away several billion is. It can be quite difficult to find enough worthy causes that you feel are the best use of your money. Take note of this as going to people who need to donate a lot of money can end up paying off.

Millionaires Donating Free Money - Warren Buffett

The Rich and Religious

Give Me Free Money

The fourth of the top 5 best millionaires giving away free money is the rich and religious. Nearly all religions, Christianity included, hold self-sacrifice and helping your fellow man in high esteem.

Many rich religious people donate a lot of money to charitable causes eagerly but still some forget the beauty of helping another. If you are in need of assistance contacting the churches of the wealthy can be a nice way to get into contact with those in a position to help.

Churches That Give Money Away for Free

The Wives of Rich Husbands

Millionaires looking to Give Away Money

The final group to make list of the top 5 best millionaires giving away free money is the wives and partners of the rich. Especially in the US these women have a large level of autocracy and control over the wealth of their estate.

Many of them form 'wives groups' and donate to charity and other causes. It can be a lot easier to get the attention of one of these groups because although they are wealthy they are not necessarily famous. A well-written appeal could garner the sympathy for your cause required for them to make a donation.

Rich Women Who Give Money Away - Laurene Powell Jobs

Having Trouble Getting the Attention of the Billionaires Giving Away Their Money?

How to Get Cash Now

Despite their considerable wealth, getting the sympathy or even attention of the rich and famous can be quite difficult, especially for individuals. It's not that they don't care for your cause often it is just because they are swamped with such requests.

Whilst attempting to contact these people you should also consider cleaning out your garage and selling the extra possessions online or in a garage sale. You could also take fill out paid surveys or even do some additional house or yard work for friends and family for a bit of extra cash.

Millionaires Wanting to Give Money Away Now

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Written by Caitlin2009, 2 years ago
I need to pay for a visa to stay in the UK. Originally i sent the money out to our lawyer which got lost in the mail. I have already put in a complaint about it being lost but they contacted me back saying they couldnt find it. I do get Social Security and i could pay for it with that but i only get $856 and paying for the visa is $847 so paying with SS is not gonna leave me with much for the month. Me and my partner were long distance for 2 and half years, we had 3 visa rejections and it was just extremely hard, We dont want to go back to being long distance again as we worked too hard to even get me to the UK, also need to get groceries as well.
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Written by caro_cinderella, 2 years ago
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Written by seanholmes, 2 years ago
hi there my name is sean i hope who reads this is in good health and heppy in life. ive got no money for xmas because i dont work and i dont sin on cos theres is always friends and famerly to help me out till i get a job but ive not had a job for 8 months now and its getting me down abit. if you could help me in eny way you can it would be nice of you to do so. i dont need enything but somthing is better than none. my email is thanks. xcx

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