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Top 20 Social Media Websites

If you are learning how powerful social media sites have become in your marketing plan then you know how important it is to have profiles on some of the biggest social places on the planet. I have made up a list of websites you may be already familiar with but it doesn't hurt to be reminded about them again. Many new ones keep popping up each year so I am sure that this list is not all inclusive. Top 20 Social Media Sites: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Wikipedia MySpace Digg YouTube Stumbleupon Reddit Yelp DeviantArt Yahoo!Buzz Hacker News Newsvine Technorati Scribd Techmeme SlideShare Kaboodle The best way to use these sites is to become part of the community and add value to your comments, and recommendations. The internet is about contributing to the whole and then you will see a increase in traffic to your websites and blogs.
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Written by xlorah, 3 years ago
have you ever used Social Monkey to social bookmark?

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