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The Do It Yourself Oreo Ref Cake

A Sweet Treat

Oreo is one of the most favorite snacks of almost any person of any age. You would definitely be amazed by the fact that this chocolate vanilla cookie sandwich is not only enjoyed by kids but also by teenagers and adults. It cannot only be considered as a yummy treat but it can also be considered as a versatile main ingredient for many kinds of desserts, from drinks to pastries.

There are definitely a lot of Oreo inspired recipes nowadays. This means that there can be really a lot made out of that simple yet scrumptious cookie. From Oreo milkshakes to Oreo ice creams, name it, the market actually has it.

Making It Your Own

You can actually make your own version of these sweet treats. This can be very easy to do because you can always follow simple recipes and you can even personalize it the way you want to. This can not only satisfy the sweet tooth in you. This can also be an opportunity for you to start a small business of pastries and sweets which are Oreo based.

The Recipe

One of the simplest Oreo inspired recipes that you can try is the Oreo refrigerator cake. What is really good about this recipe is the fact that it is a no-bake recipe and you would just have to freeze it. Voila! After several hours, you can already have a delicious dessert you can indulge.

Oreo refrigerator cake can be very easy to do. You just need about 2 large packs of Oreo, 2-3 packs of all purpose cream, vanilla flavoring, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and other sweet finds you would want to use. You would also need a square or rectangular pan, something similar to the one you use to bake your cake as well as a bowl and spatula.

Of course, you would just have to prepare all your materials and make your working area clear. After preparing the materials, place the all purpose cream in the bowl together with the chocolate chips and mix them together very well. After this, add about two to three drops of vanilla flavoring. After mixing them very well, prepare the Oreos by taking only the white filling which you will have to mix with your cream mixture. This will give the sweet taste of your ref cake so you won’t have to add any sugar.

After this, get the Oreo cookies and pile them up as the first layer of your ref cake. Make sure it fills the entire space of your baking pan. After that, you can already pour about half an inch of your cream mixture to that pan covering the entire cookie layer. You just have to repeat all the steps till you fill up the height of the baking pan. The last layer should be the cream mixture and you can add chocolate chips on it and drizzle some chocolate syrup.

You just have to place it in your fridge for about two to three hours or just until the cream mixture hardens up already. After that, you can already enjoy your Oreo refrigerator cake without spending much and with just having to do it on your own.

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Written by SharifaSanderson, 1 year ago
Quick and easy treat for a party. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
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Written by Lynsuz, 3 years ago
Just the word oreo got me interested. Great looking cake, sounds define.

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