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The Best Handheld Geocaching GPS For Beginners and Kids

Looking for a great geocaching GPS for kids? If you've ever been out geocaching or hiking with kids while using a handheld geocaching GPS, chances are that the kids wanted to get ahold of the GPS and be in control.  The thing is, your handheld GPS might not be an inexpensive one or it might be your smart phone, so you might be less than thrilled with them using it while walking along a rocky trail.

Great and Tough Handheld GPS

There is a great handheld geocaching GPS units that is perfect for beginners and experienced geocachers alike, but it's small size and rugged exterior make it a perfect fit for the younger geocachers in your group.  It's inexpensive too, so you can afford to get this unit and get yourself or your kids into the game!

The Garmin eTrex H handheld GPS navigator is just the thing for your young geocacher.  It is one of the most inexpensive GPS units you can find but it is feature rich for the price.  One of those features is the fact that you can load geocaches into the unit for quick navigation on the go when you are out in the woods with an optional connection cord, but you don't need that to start.  It's easy enough to mark a new waypoint and then modify the coordinates to find your first (or next) cache.

Simple Handheld GPS Unit

High end GPS units can be very intimidating and are not a good fit for kids or beginners.  The Garmin eTrex H keeps things simple with an easy to read display showing how far away the geocache is and which direction you need to walk.  There are no confusing topographical maps or layers to get bogged down with.  This is the best type of GPS for beginners.  I have seen kids struggle with an advanced unit.  It takes the fun right out of it.  The Garmin eTrex H will get their head out of the gadget and let them focus on the find.

This GPS is built to last!The high sensitivity WAAS-enabled signal is very good and will get you within a few feet of the coordinates.  It will even receive a signal in cover and on a couldy day.

Waterproof GPS for Kids

Just in case the kids cross a stream and forget to wrap the unit's attached cord around their wrist you can be at ease knowing the unit is waterproof.  That also means a little rain or wet foliage won't bother you, so you can just keep caching. This is good for adults as well, of course, but added even more piece of mind when the youngsters are looking for a geocache near water.

Long Lasting Batteries

The Garmin eTrex H runs on 2 standard AA batteries that last a LONG time (up to 17 hours!), so you won't have to worry when you are far from the car.  There is a simple display that shows the remaining battery life.  Running on 2 rechargeable batteries you will find the cost of ownership to be extremely low. You will also love how quickly the back pops off for a battery change when needed with no special tools required.

My method is simple, with 2 rechargeable batteries in the unit and a spare set in the car. That will provide enough juice for a very long road trip and back without recharging.

Advanced GPS Features

There are more advanced features as well, but a kid or beginner won't need them.  Those include the ability to store hundreds of waypoints, 20 complete routes, and a simple way to track back to where you started.  Since you can save so many waypoints in the unit, I find the easiest thing to do is to enter them in the unit and save them and enjoy the hunt.  After returing home you can log your finds online and simply overwrite the waypoints with your next targets.

Why It's Good on Garmin eTrex H
This unit is rugged and can take a beating
 SimplicityYou can learn to use the eTrex H within minutes
 AccuracyIt costs less, but is no less accurate, and will get you within spitting distance of your target
 PowerYou'll love the ease of using common batteries and how long they last
 WaterproofDon't worry about a rainy day - this unit will be just fine
 Readability You can see the screen in daytime or use the built-in backlight to see the display at night

GPS With Night Light

Don't worry if you are out trying to find that travel bug or geocache after the sun sets. While this handheld GPS is no flashlight, there is a very handy backlight that turns on with the push of a button, so you can keep looking and see the coordinates - even at night. Night caching is no problem here.

Get Out Geocaching

If you've been interested in geocaching but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a unit that you won't know how to use, or if it's time for your kids to have their own rugged unit that will stand up to a little abuse, the Garmin eTrex H is the way to go. 

Don't spend more and be careful about buying a high-end unit that is not as durable.  You don't need to in order to get a precise lock on a cache - this unit gets the job done. The simplest of features on the Garmin eTrex H are going to be your favorites. It can do lots more, but you will simply love the compass.

Get into the geocaching game now or go geocaching with the kids with this great inexpensive unit.  It's the best handheld geocaching GPS for beginners and kids - just the right mix of features, cost, and durability. 

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user avatar
Written by Glencap, 4 years ago
Geocaching sounds like a lot of fun; especially for adults with children. I agree with you, landocheese, that getting needed approvals beforehand would help make the game enjoyable for everybody. Today, there is so much understandable paranoia and fear that if the necessary preparations aren't covered, there will be so much chaos.
user avatar
Written by landocheese, 4 years ago
It is a lot of fun and I have met geocachers from parents with small children to young adults to senior citizens who do it in retirement. They all love it.
user avatar
Written by careercounselor, 4 years ago
Did you know that The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a Bill stating, that it is unlawful for a person to engage in the activity of geocaching or letterboxing in a cemetery or in an historic or archeological site or property publicly identified by an historical marker without the express written consent of the owner or entity which oversees that cemetery site or property.

Apparently the bomb squad has been called several times when participants of caching were reported as engaging in suspicious activity. I guess for outsiders they do not know that the people are just looking for containers.

The people are placing these waterproof containers near schools, playgrounds, courthouses or under bridges causing police to think they are bombs.

Imagine that!!
user avatar
Written by landocheese, 4 years ago
There was a bomb squad call in my hometown recently for a cache near a school that caused quite a stir.

The rules of geocaching are simple. Get approval before placing a cache and keep them away from bridges, railroad tracks, highways, schools, etc. If everyone would just do that this would sure help.

I support the law you mention. I think cache owners should be getting that permission before hiding the cache so that geocaching will live on forever. The quickest way to hamper the game is to make everyone pass laws banning them because they were placed poorly.
user avatar
Written by careercounselor, 4 years ago
I agree it seems like such a harmless sport but there is always those who ruin it for everyone else.
user avatar
Written by careercounselor, 4 years ago
Geocaching seems to be a fun sport for all ages, especially those who like hunting for clues.
user avatar
Written by landocheese, 4 years ago
It is a lot of fun, and you're right, if you like figuring out clues and riddles it can be a blast.

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