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The Best Christmas Gifts Ever For A 13 year Old Boy

Boys are different than girls, but still love to receive the best Christmas gift possible. Boys love electronics, video games, cell phones, computers, comic books, action figures are also popular among the young teen set as well.



So The small list begins:

  • Video games are awesome gifts for a 13 year old boy. If you'd let them play for hours, they certainly would do so. What kinds of video games do boys like? They usually prefer something to with cars, racing, wrestling, trucks, motorcycles and war games.  Any in the above genre are sure to please.


  • Computers, kindles, and Wii's are are another top favorite for a 13 year old boy. A computer with all the bells and whistles, you can look for your favorite kindle book, video games and of course keep in touch with friends and family. Places like Best Buy, Tiger Direct And Wal-Mart are having huge sales on computers and electronics right now. If you buy refurbished you can find something under $200.00 If you want to spend a bit more Best Buy has a Toshiba with everything you could ask for in a computer for $269.00. Can't go wrong with a price like that.


  • Many boys love to read, so a Kindle is a perfect gift that keeps on giving. Load the Kindle up with your teen's favorite books, or give him a pre-paid visa to buy his own. There are plenty of free sites as well but the choice is entirely up to you. A Wii with a variety of games and learning programs available will keep your 13 year old busy for hours. So many games, learning ones that are fun as well can be a great gift for the entire family to participate in.


  • I don't know a kid that isn't impressed with a hot new cell phone. I am sure they would love the Iphone, but you can find a new cell phone that is appropriate just for your 13 year old boy. Tracfone, Straight Talk, Net10 and many other services all have a phone he will love with just the right plan that fits his needs. Giving your 13 year old responsibility of maintaining his phone and tracking his own usage. With so many plans to choose from, you can buy one that suits your pocket book and his needs.

These types of phones can be bought cheaply at places like Target, general Dollar, and other department type stores. Or directly from the websites mentioned above, not just cheapy phones, good mobile up-to-date phones your teen will love.


  • Clothes are a very popular item, boys love new clothes as much as girls. You can purchase clothes with their favorite bands, skateboard logo, sports insignia's, or favorite TV show. Sports shoes can be included with a nice new tee or awesome hoodie. Check out some second hand stores as well, they often have these items in near new condition. Nicely wrapped your teen will appreciate you forever. Boys love hats, a new hat with a logo or even without are a appreciated favorite.


  • Games of every kind now exist, and are sure to please. A game for their play station, x-box or hand held device may be the excellent choice for their game collection. Be sure to choose a game that is age appropriate as many are full of violence and inappropriate material. So you may need to weed through the warnings to get the perfect game choice. On line shopping is of course a great and less time consuming option. You can read reviews to make the right choices for your teenage 13 year old.


  • Bicycles, skateboards, Rollerblades or any kind of sports  equipment is sure to make a teen happy . What teen wouldn't love a shiny new bike or the hottest new board to ride around town? So many varieties of bikes to choose from. But a nice BMX bike is going to be a hit. Again there are place like Facebook, eBay, Salvation Army, and Goodwill that sell bikes at a much lower price than usual. And you will be surprised how well the bikes are maintained. If your boy is into sports any new equipment is sure to please. Baseball, football, soccer, or any sport your 13 year old is into at the moment.

Keep your ears and eyes open, listen to what your teen is saying and who he is saying it too. Before you know it, you will have an idea of exactly what your 13 year old teenager wants for Christmas.


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