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Stop Grey Hair Naturally- What Really Works?

Can people stop grey hair naturally with certain household products and concoctions? Some people claim that you can stop grey hair naturally without having to resort to drastic and expensive measures. Why spend money on chemical dyes when you can gradually change your hair color back to the way it used to be? Natural remedies have been used since the beginning of time. Man has learned how to cure, counteract and treat whatever ails him by using plants, minerals from the earth and other natural products with positive effects.

When those first signs of grey hair appear, it can be disappointing. People often resign themselves to looking old before their time. Many people wish they had a way to stop the graying process, but don’t want to resort to chemical hair dye treatments. This is especially true for men. There are several natural treatments a person can try before giving up their hair color and letting nature take its course. I say "try" meaning that some natural remedies may work well for some people and be a complete failure for others.

Can You Stop Gray Hair Naturally With The Indian Gooseberry Fruit?

The gooseberry fruit has taken on quite a good reputation as a natural remedy for grey hair. In India and in health food stores, the gooseberry product is known as Amla.The gooseberry itself is rich in vitamin c and other important hair nutrients. Many people swear by the use of Amla as a great alternative to chemical hair dyes.

In India, dried gooseberry pieces are boiled together with coconut oil until the mixture turns black. This mixture is then applied to the scalp and greying hair. Some people claim that leaving this on overnight gives the very best results. It is worth a try if you are desperate.

Cover Gray Hair With Coffee Or Tea

Coffee and tea are supposed to be effective in coating grey hairs. Some people use dark, leftover tea or coffee as a rinse. This probably gives a much lighter coverage of greys and doesn't last too long. Other people mix instant coffee powder with some type of oil to make a paste and apply it to the hair.

Coffee does have natural staining abilities so this might work if the coffee paste is left on long enough. The irony is that statistics show that drinking too much coffee leads to premature greying of the hair. Leftover tea makes a lighter rinse and may not last very long, but it's worth a try.Dark coffee paste may not work as well on blonde hair. The rich color of coffee will look better on darker hair.

Cover Grey Hair Naturally With Organic Henna

 One of the best natural hair products on the market is Henna. Organic henna is safe to use and is made from the flowering henna plant. This plant has been used for thousands of years in the process of dying and staining clothing, hair and fabric. Henna dyes are safe for most people to use.

Henna typically comes in powder form and is sold in health food stores and some beauty supply shops.Henna powder can come in many different shades including clear henna. This product is also made into a paste that can be applied to grey hairs. Getting rid of grey using natural substances isn't easy. Grey hair can be very, very stubborn.

Those with extremely coarse and rebellious greys try softening treatments to open up the hair cuticle so the hairs will soak up more of the color. A few of the recipes for natural grey hair coverage include:

1.The Raw Gooseberry and Coconut Paste Treatment As Mentioned Above

2.Organic Henna Powder and Coffee Treatment-Mix the henna powder with 2 cups of black coffee until you have a thick past. Apply to the hair and leave on for 30 minutes or more.

3. Amla Powder and Coconut Oil- The Indian gooseberry also comes in powdered form which makes it quicker to make a hair paste. Mix 2 equal parts of Amla and coconut oil, usually 1-2 tbsp each into a paste and apply it to the grey hairs. This treatment is a popular overnight treatment for greys and does work well for many people.

Is Fighting Grey Hair A Losing Battle?

Is all this worth it? I think it depends on a few things. Some people go prematurely grey at the age of 23. For those people, I can feel their pain. If I had found grey hair on my head at that age I would have been devastated. Young people want to think about young people things, not old people concerns like grey hair. I wouldn't blame them for being upset..

Going grey usually happens sometime in middle age between the ages of 30 to 50. This age group typically has streaks of grey that can be covered, or at least camouflaged ,by natural dye treatments. For older folks who have a full head of snow-white hair, fighting it is going to take a lot of work. In the end, mother nature will win. If these natural remedies don't work, no harm is done. It can't hurt to experiment with a natural product. If they don't work, you can still eat the gooseberries and drink the coffee.

To find out more about this topic, see what manufacturers are making that claim to reverse gray hair growth at the follicle level.

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