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Sample Letter for Closing Bank Account

A sample letter for closing a bank account can come in very handy.  Everyone has a bank account these days and even those who don’t have a penny still have their bank accounts. There are times when you need to close your account because you are moving away from the country or because you feel you are not getting the best service from your current bank. Some accounts are only costing you money and it doesn’t make sense to keep them open. No matter what your reasons for wanting to close your bank account, you will need to inform your bank through a formal letter. A formal letter on closing a bank account doesn’t have to be long. You also don’t’ have to justify why you want to close the account. However, most banks will require that you come along to the branch office to finalize the paper work. Other banks will require that you send a signed letter stating your account number and name and also adding a copy of your official ID. This form of identification can either be your passport or driver’s license.

Some banks make it easier by providing a sample letter on closing of bank accounts or a form that you can fill out, sign and mail to your local branch. In the absence of that, here is a sample letter you can use:


Subject: Closing of bank account

I will like to inform you of my desire to close my bank account. I have decided that I no longer have a need for the account. Please find below my account details

Name: xxxxx

Account number: xxxxxxx

I have already withdrawn the remaining sum on the account. You may close the account with immediate effect from the date of receiving this letter.

I thank you for your help and understanding.

Yours sincerely


It is important to make sure you don’t have any pending transactions on your account before closing it. If you have pending credit card payments that are still in process, it is best to wait for everything to be completed before you close your account. Withdrawing the remaining amount from your account or asking that the amount be transferred to another account is essential. If the bank requires more information they will get in touch with you. That is why it is always a good thing to have your e-mail address or phone details on your letter for closing a bank account.

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