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RV Without Furniture For Sale?

There are actually many ways you can find in RV without furniture for sale, in many reasons you may want to do this.  Many families enjoy camping together.  Going out your camper or motorhome with your family is a great way to spend a weekend together.  Their promote good, family fun time that helps to bring everyone closer together.  While you probably won’t have too much trouble finding a fun campground and go camping in, or a new or used motor home for sale, finding an RV without furniture could be a little bit hard up.

Why would anyone want one?

There are many reasons the person may want to find and RV that does not have any furniture.  If a person is planning to convert the motorhome, purchasing one that does not have any furnishing to be a lot cheaper.  Many people make fish houses of old Motor Homes and campers.  In northern states, like Wisconsin, a recreational vehicle can be driven out on the ice during the winter after the lakes are frozen.  This is referred to as the ice fishing, and it is very popular in the northern states.  Plus, you can find cheap replacement recreational vehicle furniture.

Some people may want to find in RV without furniture for sale because they simply enjoy the process of restoration.  This gives a person a chance to tailor make their own motor home or camper to suit their own personal needs.  Plus, those with very good carpentry skills, may actually want to build their own.

What is the benefit?

There are really two main benefits to buying an RV without furniture.  The first, of course, is money.  The table that putting any items up for sale must list their prices according to the actual value, any incomplete motor home or camper is bound to be worth less money.  Some people actually just use lawn chairs and picnic tables inside of their camper or motorhome, and simply use the beds is a place to sleep.

I listed time as the main benefit the purchasing a motor home in this condition.  Someone was looking into a restoration project, or needs the body of camper that has already been gutted all partially, possibly to turn into an ice house, is that it will save time in the process.  Those that put so much time and ice fishing houses and things of that nature may simply want to get one of these for convenience.

Where can I find them?

If you are looking to find a new RV without furniture for sale, your best bet is to actually go through a dealer or to the manufacturer.  Some makers will be more than willing to accommodate you request, but it will vary depending on who you try.

Of course, most people will be looking to buy a used camper or motorhome that is unfurnished.  To make this happen, simply searched the same sites you want to buy a complete motor home or camper.  In addition to this, you may actually want to place your own and in the classifieds.  Let people know you are trying to buy an RV without furniture for sale.

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Written by careercounselor, 3 years ago
Converting an old motorhome or camper must be fun for those who like to renovate and fix up things. I have not heard of the fish house before. Finding one where the furniture is already removed is probably hard to find.

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