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Rich Wealthy Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away for Financial Assistance

Did you know that there are a handful of millionaires that devote quite a lot of time giving money away? There are some millionaires who want to give money away to create jobs, boost the economy or offer financial assistance, establish grants, invest money, promote research, decrease poverty and support health initiatives. Wealthy rich people find it very rewarding to help others who want to improve their quality of life. Wealthy individuals donate money to support their philanthropic efforts, as well as to offset their tax burden.

Free Money For People in Need

The wealthy are consistently looking for ways to provide cash assistance and no-strings attached free money. If you are truly in need and need fast cash, you may qualify to receive money from some of these millionaires. Surprisingly there are many individuals that are getting by begging for money. On average these individuals will contact up to 10 millionaires at any given time, even if few respond then they look to make a handsome profit!

Best People Giving Away Money

Below you will find six top millionaires who want to give money away to help needy, low-income individuals. If you want help getting money fast or want to ask for free money now there are millionaires looking to give away money. Before you contact them you need to write to them and explain your current situation and how the money could really help them improve their quality of life and standard of living. Good Luck.

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of my favorite millionaires who want to give money away. Oprah Winfrey is the first on this list of many millionaires who want to give money away and has done wonders for her career and her chat show. Oprah is one of the most popular rich people that donate money, if you simply make statements such as give me free money or donate to me and you have a genuine reason then just might find the help to get money free.

Oprah Winfrey Giving Away Money For Free 2012 & 2013

How to Get Money Donation from Oprah

In fact, she gives away over 50 million each year by donating to charities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. If you can prove to her that you are a worthy cause then she will definitely be willing to help you. She also holds a variety of sweepstakes and giveaways via her network and other conglomerates. Why do millionaires give away money? well they feel better about themselves and their wealth, it also improves their popularity.

I Need a Millionaire to Help Me - Ask Oprah

Oprah is always scouting the best ways to provide financial assistance to people who are truly in need. The Oprah Winfrey College Scholarship awards needy and minority students with money to complete their education. If you are looking to study and need the finance and are quite gifted and determined then there is a good chance that Oprah will help you. Additionally, she boards dozens of South African girls at her Leadership Academy. 

Write to Oprah For Financial Assistance - Write to Oprah Winfrey Foundation for Financial Assistance

Also, Oprah may autograph objects for auction, so organizations, groups and even individuals can generate money for a worthy cause. The key to getting millionaires money like Ms Winfrey to help is to come across genuine and worthy of investment. Oprah loves to see people prosper and get out of poverty! If you have a determined positive attitude then you are very likely to get the money.

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: George Soros

George Soros is famous for kicking Great Britain out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992 but there is more to the man than taking the British Government on. George Soros is not a millionaire sadly he is a billionaire investor that donates approximately $300 million each year to philanthropic causes. If I need free money and I have a genuine reason for help then this is one of the best billionaire who is giving away free money.

Find Rich People Giving Money Away

Its not hard to find rich people giving away money, in fact if you do a search you'll find details of his foundation. In 2010, Soros announced that he will donate $100 million dollars over the next 10 years to an organization that conducts research on human rights and advocacy, known as the Human Rights Watch. Additionally, Soros is always on the lookout to donate money to populations in need. He gave millions of dollars to students in South Africa to help finish their college education.

Rich People Giving Away Money to Poor People in Need - Ask George Soros For Money

How to Contact a Millionaire for Help like George Soros

You can contact George Soros via his online foundation which he is aligned to. The best way to get money from George is to show that you are gifted and savvy. He likes people that are very much like himself and often rewards them handsomely. If you want to study to become like him then this is a great way to get financial assistance towards studying. This is definitely a contender for the best millionaires who wants to give money away to help others.

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: Bill Gates & Melinda Gates

This IT giant is one of the greats that has revolutionised the way we use our computer! Can you imagine a world without Microsoft Office? Bill Gates is a creator of Microsoft and arguably the world’s wealthiest human being. His wife and he established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that donates to a handful of charities and causes, including feeding Africa, homelessness, vaccinations, tropical diseases, poor Americans and effective teaching.

Money Giveaway From Bill & Melinda Gates

His generosity spans the globe, while still offering financial assistance to the needy in the United States. While he generously donates to big causes like Africa he also has money set aside to help individuals too. If you are down on your luck and want money then this is a millionaire who is well worth considering. 

Best Millionaires Giving Away Free Money to Poor People in Need

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: J.K. Rowling 

It’s hard to imagine a world without Wizards and Warriors! J.K. Rowling is the famous author of the Harry Potter series who was once considered a billionaire; she is still very rich and wealthy. Rowling is very generous with her money and is one of the millionaires who want to give money away and is always on the lookout for good causes.

Rich People Who Give Away Money in the UK and the US

J.K. Rowling was once on UK Benefits raising multiple children of her own, so she knows a thing or two about needing grants and getting cash for assistance. In fact, she donates a lot of her money to a charity called One Parent Families. Additionally, Rowling established her own charity, the Volant Charitable Trust, which works to provide assistance to women, single mothers and children.

Pregnant and Need Help With Money

If you are a single mother or you're pregnant and are looking to improve her position through education and training or have a bright idea to make money then J.K. Rowling is definitely worth contacting for money. For single mothers she is definitely a millionaire who want to give money away.

Asking Millionaires For Financial Assistance and Support to Poor People - Ask JK Rowling for Help

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away: T. Boone Pickens 

Another well established millionaire who is known for his oil and gas business but not for his philanthropist work is Mr Boone. Thomas Boone Pickens is a well-known gas and oil executive, financier and hedge fund manager. He is worth millions, if not billions, through his investing efforts. Throughout his years of work, he has created thousands of jobs and donated over a billion dollars to charities.

Millionaires Giving Away Money to Unemployed

Thomas Boone Pickens really supports those that are out of work and want to help themselves out of poverty, he is known for providing money for education and training. Among some of his philanthropic causes include entrepreneurship, medical and health research, education, social services, health and fitness and wildlife management. Mr. Pickens filters a lot of his donations through Oklahoma State University, his alma mater. 

Top Millionaires Who Give Money Away To Poor People 2012 & 2013 - Get Financial Assistance from T Boone Pickens

Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away

To summaries, there are lots of millionaires who want to give money away and if you ask them nicely enough you might get the cash you need to get yourself out of poverty. Oprah, George Soros, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling and T. Boone Pickens are only a few of the wealthy that make money and are willing to donate cash for financial assistance.

To determine how you may benefit from these millionaires’ donations, go to their sponsored organizations’ websites. Make sure you draft your letter and explain your current situation and how the money would help them get out of poverty and financial despair.

More Millionaires Who Want to Give Money Away

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user avatar
Written by Saif, 1 week ago
Dear Sir,

I'm Saif Shaikh from India, firstly I would like to introduce our self with problem,
I writing to you as hear me our problem,
I'm staying in Mumbai last few year with my family I have 6 members in our family including me, I'm elder in our family. I belong to very poor family even last few days my family member not eating food but I'm doing some work than I had take some food for my family, Sir I can't say in any word how I was suffering here every time I was thinks how to get best way to go ahead unfortunately I had find in internet rich person who help me.
Then I got your email I'd from on comments. I don't know sir. Who are you but I'm sure you are very good person.
Sir please help me, I want start a business I also become rich person. One day I also help poor person and denote money.
Sir it not fake of my life  is true because I'm suffering here.I hope hear you soon our problem.I'm not demanding for much money I have needed to open a business to make my family support.
Only $20000 thousand dollars. I know sir it's not much for you but it's much for me because I don't have.
Once again thank you respected Sir.

>> My bank information:-
>> IndusInd Bank.
>> Acc No. 100023730374
>> Acc Name. Saif Shaikh
>> Swift code. INDBINBBXXX
>> Branch.Prabhadevi
>> Contact number +919699848127
   Email I'd.

Thank you so much I am so glad to you Sir,
God always make you happy.
user avatar
Written by Sergei, 4 months ago
Hello! good people! I want to tell you about is not easy living in remote Siberia. in the village where I live there are no businesses which would give that job to earn a living, people who live as it may, the young begin to drink alcohol and die, I would wanted to change that and give many people rabotu.vsya bottom line is that to build a farm and provide jobs for the people and for the it does take money and do not take them where our government does not give credit without part-time farm, one hope for you not indifferent people who can change the fate and lives of people, including me. With deep respect for you ladies Gentlemen! (Russian Trans-Baikal Territory s.Narasun Sakia Sergey Tel. 89244771987
user avatar
Written by Amir_Hajibagher, 8 months ago
Dear Sir/Madam

This is Amir Hajibagher. I have a health problem from which I've been in pain for more than 10 years. Around 13 years ago a dentist harmed the left side of my lower jaw through his very aggressive operation. Around 3 years later I discovered that my face has become crooked due to an abnormal growth and I need to purchase a custom implant, designed for my very specific case to recover my facial symmetry. This problem has really ruined down my social life and since I'm in arts and I've always had the dream of becoming a great star, it's really damaging whole my professional dreams as well. I've gone through a deep depression since I've discovered that such an appropriate implant costs me so much that I can't pay. Because I'm living in Iran and our currency is really worthless, the discussing €5538 implant becomes around 231,488,400 Rials (our currency) and the monthly salary for a typical Iranian is around 6,000,000 Rials. I'm a Songwriter/Singer. This year I composed few songs for few people and saved some money, but it can only cover my surgeon's bill and the expensive custom implant still remains my big disappointment. Xilloc, the company that can make the implant sent me a PDF format of a quotation with the price of €5538, after I submitted my request and it was valid for about a month so I have to submit a new request once I'm sure there's somebody so kind, who's going to pay for that. Believe that your help will be a game changer to my social and professional life and I'll appreciate that for my whole lifetime.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Amir Hajibagher
user avatar
Written by vetmakesawish, 10 months ago
Hello, I am like many, on rough times but willing to work or provide service to earn help from others. I am 41, in shape, presentable and well mannered seeking to be employed by a person of means that can help, show me the ropes on getting me back on track and offering friendship as well. I have debt and yes in need of money but in all honesty, I don't like money nor what it does to many seeking it. My dream job would be to operate as a rescue volunteer world wide providing aid to those in need or freeing people that are unable to help themselves. My last job left me stranded without truly marketable skills or a good path to take. I believe I am simply a good person in bad times. I am also mechanically inclined and can be a handyman of sorts. Thank you for reading and take care!
user avatar
Written by vetmakesawish, 10 months ago
Hello, I am like many, on rough times but willing to work or provide service to earn help from others. I am 41, in shape, presentable and well mannered seeking to be employed by a person of means that can help, show me the ropes on getting me back on track and offering friendship as well. I have debt and yes in need of money but in all honesty, I don't like money nor what it does to many seeking it. My dream job would be to operate as a rescue volunteer world wide providing aid to those in need or freeing people that are unable to help themselves. My last job left me stranded without truly marketable skills or a good path to take. I believe I am simply a good person in bad times. I am also mechanically inclined and can be a handyman of sorts. Thank you for reading and take care!
user avatar
Written by MarkTay, 1 year ago
If you are looking for money or funding of any kind, a great place that can help you with contacting Billionaires, Millionaires, And CEO's is the Billionaire Mailing List. There you will find the contact addresses of all United States Billionaire's, Top Millionaire's, and Top 1000 CEO's. Their list is always fresh and there's a great Billionaires List showing all the 2014 billionaires in a sortable list that includes how the billionaires got their money and their relations to their heirs. Once again it Billionaire Mailing List, just do a search and you will find it. I hope this helps someone find the funding that they are looking for. Have a great day!

Kind regards,

Mark Taylor
user avatar
Written by brinahelpneeded, 1 year ago
Hello, I am in desperate need of a portable air conditioner for extremely over heated room and help with student loan in order to better my credit and get the beck out of this single room I share with my son. We are down on our luck I have to keep this window open allyear long because of the heat in this room and on top of that we currently had a bed bug problem that caused me to throw away both our beds which left us sleeping on the floor. But with the grace of God we now have a air mattress. I'm just beyound stressed out. And could really us a helping hand if yyou'd like you can even donate to my PayPal account please someone help. I'm at my ends wit and this little bit I wrote is just the beginning of all that's going on so please somebody help. The summertime is setting in and I can't bear the heat anymore.

user avatar
Written by andysfamily, 1 year ago
Hello. I am new to this Forum and relatively new to being a Christian. For the last 10 years I have been a reasonably successful freelance trainer, teaching Leadership skills to senior executives all around the world. In October 2012 I suffered a mild stroke. The work just stopped. We started to spend carefully but we used what saving we had and eventually ran out of money.

We don't get much support from the government as my family, from abroad have no recourse to public funds. In November 2013, we were evicted from our home in Dover and were forced to live, firstly in the car, and secondly, over Christmas we moved in to a broken down caravan. With 2 children on tow, life was cold, wet and we were hungry.

In February we and found a housing association in South Wales who gave us a house! We're very happy here although we still have no money, our weekly income is £75 per week. Most weeks we go a few days without Gas or Electricity and have to beg for food in the local town. The foodbanks have been helpful but they only give you enough food for 3 days. The children need new shoes and don't get to participate in school activities as we can't afford them. And we have a birthday coming up and they're only 11 & 12 and we've tried to hide our poverty from them but it's getting increasingly difficult.

I am trying to rekindle my trade and little by little it's returning. At my age it's nigh on impossible to get a proper job sadly and with my Wife's cancer, it's hard for her to work. It has go to the point I can't even afford to go to work. To do a job, I need to pay for travel and accommodation wherever the work is before it is reimbursed and on occasion I've had to turn the work down because I simply can't get there.

One day for example, I had a job in Warwick, I took the Bus from Cardiff, it took hours. I slept on a friends sofa and the work was done.

We are now in desperate need of financial support in whatever way anyone can. We've sold everything we have, when we moved here all we had was the clothes on our backs. The car was sold, all of our belongings were kept by our ex-landlord so we lost everything. The Bethlehem Life Centre in Pyle gave us the furniture we sit on now. We bought a cheap 2nd hand laptop so that we can communicate using the library wi-fi. We're a honest, hardworking (given the opportunity), Christian family in need.

I became a Christian in January. I was going to church to find out more about Christianity and wasn't ready for the commitment until one Sunday I was walking up to the Church in Dover, The Ark, a wonderful church because of the people there. One of the Ministers there, Nigel, I knew I wanted to talk to was there that day. Honestly I was simple going to collect any post as we'd arranged for any mail to be sent to the church. On the way I heard a voice in my head saying, "you're not just going for your post are you?". Throughout the service that day, everything that was said seemed to be pointed right at me, it was as though God and the ministers were singling me out for attention. When the minister asked if anyone wanted to talk to to a prayer leader to come forward. I couldn't stop myself, I didn't want to walk forward but I was compelled to sit next to Nigel. I wept and wept. He prayed for me and the deed was done. I was converted, I'm tearful now as I write this. It was such a moving moment, an epiphany if you like.

As I walked back to our car (home), I felt rejuvenated, overjoyed even. I had the Holy Spirit inside me. Since then, I'm more relaxed, God brought me to this site to share my story, to seek help from anybody that can and for me to help others, I may be poor, but I have a lot to offer.

I need £1,000 to buy some work clothes, especially shows, I don't have shoes without holes. I need to buy some rail tickets to some work events I already have lined up next week. I need to get my laptop back from the pawn shop (I'm in the library right now). And I need to leave some food for the 2 kids back at home whilst I'm away.

Please, please, we're so very hungry and desperate.

I'd love to hear from all of you!

God Bless!

user avatar
Written by fredrickmenon, 1 year ago
sir this is fredrick menon from india hyderabad. sir i am thinking to commit suicide because of my financial status . sir i am married and having a baby girl of of 23 months old .and my wife is still studying we got love marriage 4years back but from my family or from my in laws family i dont have any support from them. i have not studied higher studies because of my family condition .thats why i am helping my wife to study more higher studies. but i am not able to give them what they need and facing so much financial problems in my family because of that i have made so many debts . i ask thee to have a kind heart towards me and help me. i am not able to live in this world thats why i am thinking to commit suicide with my family so plase reply me as soon as possible that you will help me in my condition or not. this year i have to join my daughter in school and pay the fees for my wife . this week so please let me know whether you will help or not. i dont have home and living in a rented home i am not able to pay that also . let me know whether i can live or not my contact number is 9140-9700058583. i even dont have computer in my home i came to cafee and sending this mail to can contact me through my personal email
user avatar
Written by marat, 1 year ago
I'm not from America but if there is someone who can help a new started familie in Europe.
I live with my wife that is prengned 6 months. I work full time every day. I even help my parents with a little financ but I cant help myself.
I help more other people then myself or my wife. thats why I need a little push up from someone with a lot of money.
I'm late with 4 months rent and have a lot of credits that need to be payed.
If there is someone who can help, it will help me and my familie.
I realy hope I can get what I dream of for my little kid that will be born on september 2014, I realy hope.
Respond please at
or call 0032487370564
thank u
user avatar
Written by NidhalNidhal, 1 year ago
I'm Nidhal, 27 years old and I’m in love with the most amazing gorgeous girl ever, every time I see her I go crazy, her gorgeous smile makes my heart beat so badly. I love the way she hugs me, I love the way she talks to me, I love her passions, I love her thoughts … I love everything about her .Every time i look into her eyes I thank god for this lovely gift. I have a wonderful girlfriend, and she means the world for me.

The problem is that neither one of us have great credit, which is no one fault but our own, I could give you all kinds of reason why it isn't our fault and come up with excuses for everything, but in the end it all boils down to the decisions we made, good or bad.

I need someone who can help me and give me and some money; we just want to get married. I love my girlfriend and I don’t want to disappoint her. I’m not asking for a lot, anything will make a difference and would make my life bearable.
I thank you for your time and I pray that you would be blessed for being willing to help others.
Bank account: TN 5 9 0 4 0 6 9 1 5 4 0 0 2 5 5 5 9 4 5 1 4 4
Swift code: BSTUTNTT

Thank you and God bless you

user avatar
Written by Nevergivingup3169, 2 years ago
Greetings From The Neira Family,
My name is Alma Neira, I am a 41 year old woman trying to pull her family through this rough times and struggles. I am and pride myself on teaching my children that a hard day’s work is always the decent and moral way to make your living. Whether it’s laboring all day in the fields to scrubbing toilets on your knees, as long as it’s hard earned money it will bring your family what it needs knowing that you earned it the right way. I have done it all in the last 25 years of my life. Working 12-16 hours a day, seven days a week so my family would have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and clothes on their backs. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to work, it gives me a feeling of gratification. Having been a single-mom and soul support-giver for my family till I turned 37, it had been my pride and joy that I was Superwoman, I couldn’t leap tall building in a single bound but I worked 2-3 jobs and my children didn’t have luxuries but we had the bare necessities.
Five years ago I met a man on an online chat room, we chatted, we met, and we fell in love. This relationship came with it’s perks: he was strict but righteous man, instilling in me and my children what his parents thought him, how to distinguish right from wrong. He was also a hard-working man, a good provider for his new family, and a loving but stern father figure that my children never had in the past. All the struggles, poverty, and long days at work seemed to be all a far memory until 3 years ago when my then boyfriend, now husband had an accident at work. He fell and hurt his already injured back and ended up unable to work, denied benefits through workers-comp, and with a pile of medical bills. I stepped up to the plate and worked even harder than I had in all my years of working. Through endless sleepless nights for me and painful ones for my husband my two girls endured financial and emotional insecurity, mom was always working, dad was always in pain without any pain medication because his insurance was denied after 90 days from his accident. Then every hard working man’s nightmare, not being the breadwinner for his family. My husband went from bad to worse in no time flat, he got into a deep depression and even considered suicide. All the while I tried to present a strong brave front to encourage my family that This Too Shall Pass…
All the while my now 17 year old daughter took the role of mother for my now 11 year old daughter, along with housekeeper and cook, mom was working all hours of the day, she had to mature over night. In order for me to work as much as I could and still struggle to pay medical & utility bills, along with rent, food and all the bare necessities of life she gave up teenage years. When she turned 16 she immediately started to work as a comfort aide at the nursing facilities that I worked as a certified nurse aide. She would work up to 70 hours in a week just to help mom out to pay the bills and afford doctor’s visit and medication for her dad. She became one of the best workers, she wanted us to be proud of her…oh and we were.
All the while my husband is going through his ailments, from a job injury, depression, hypertension, gout, stroke, and last but not least diabetes, I was battling demons of my own. It started with diabetes and hypertension (both silent killers) and not being able to afford insurance doctor’s visits for one person, now it was two of us that needed medical attention. I kept that to myself till I couldn’t cover it anymore because somewhere along the way I also developed fibromyalgia. Struggling with being a mom, wife, and once again soul provider for my family I lived and worked with pain, only the thought of my loved ones gave me the strength and the courage I needed to endure my pain. Through all this struggle and hard times it was my daughter Lilia who was there pushing me forward and reminding me that the word can’t does not exsist in our vocabulary, that I was a much stronger woman than that to give in to illness and suffering. She not only helped me out financial, but picked me up morally, and even picked me up physically when with the wear and tear of years of working, punched terrible anguishing pain to my knees when I knelt, we were both getting up and walking forward, she wouldn’t allow me to give up. Literally dragging me as she now became a young responsible young woman.
I am still trying to make ends meet and there are days I have to remind myself that I have to fight till the end. Since my husband’s accident we had many bad times, but as a firm believer that God will never abandon us I believe in my heart and soul that as long as we see a new day there is always hope for a better tomorrow. As of a few months ago my husband’s health has is finally improving, his pain is being managed along with his blood pressure; bad news is as of a few weeks ago my body has spoken, it said “Enough is enough, I will not, won’t not take another step” my fibromylagia is back, blood sugar and pressure uncontrolled and I keep pushing myself to ignore the pain and that my family needs me I a have to admit that I cannot push myself anymore. I have debt like most Americans, I have never asked God for riches so I can stop working and enjoy life, but I have asked (even begged) for a miracle…in other words I asked him to send an angel my way. I am behind around $7,000 - $10,000 in debt. This would leave my family and I without any extra payments other then my rent and monthly utility bills. If I could eliminate all that debt I could afford to treat my ailments before I develop something that night also put me in a disabled statues, if that were to happened I would be able to support my family, not even with basic necessities.
Along with all my economical, physical and medical struggles my hard working, God fearing, supportive even if I have to drag you along with me, beautiful, selfless, humble, daughter turned mom and housekeeper, I will prove that graduating a virgin is possible, soon to be United Sates Air Force Recruit, E.M.S. flight nurse, I will defend and advocate for the elderly like my mom, I will prove that everything can be done if you put your mind to it daughter is graduating high school this June. As a proud mother I want her to have the full graduation experience, from cap & gown to her Senior pictures…from a nice prom dress to her much earned graduation ring. I fear that in my physical health and financial situation I will not be able to afford it for her. She has worked very hard and breaks my heart when she tells me that going to her Senior prom is not important or that we can look for a nice dress at a Goodwill store. My favorite excuse is, “Mom, I don’t like jewelry,” so I won’t feel bad about not being able to afford her graduation ring. This is the Neira family’s hardship story, I ask that you read and consider, if not for anything else I would be eternally grateful for help with my daughter’s graduation expenses. If you consider my situation, I would reciprocate by working in any way possible, on-line or anyway else in gratitude, I don’t ask so I can have a care-free, vacation, and quit my job life, I ask for a family that still want to be productive to society and help other kind of life. I ask because I have a firm faith that 1) miracle stills happen & 2) there is still good in this world. God bless you for all you do & give you the means to help out more people in need out there, you all are prove that there is still light at the end of long, dark, painful tunnels….
From The Neira Family in Cotulla, Texas….Thank you.
user avatar
Written by rodrirosa, 2 years ago
Hello, my name is Pablo Rosales and I live in Nicaragua. I am here in this site asking to anyone with a big heart if he/she can help me and my wife with a donation of your choice. Right now I am unemployed, just bought a small house cause I have spent 5 years renting. Now that I wasted mostly all my savings I am in need of around Us$2000.00 to perform some house work before winter season. Can anyone help me lessen me and my wife's worries of having nothing saved.
God will triplicate your donations.
Please write to

May God bless you all

Pablo Rosales
user avatar
Written by msguzman1975, 2 years ago
I am Minie from the Philippines. I am currently working in Makati City as a Clerk from a reputable company in Makati City. I am writing to you for the reason that I am desperately looking for a financial aid. I am experiencing crisis with my credit cards which I used to support my family in this times of difficulty. During those times of burden, when my mother got stroke thrice, my father who has psoriasis, my brother with mental condition. Recently, my daughter got hospitalized due to pneumonia. My total debt has reached to approximately Php400,000.00. My salary is not enough to cover all the minimum due every month which is continually growing because of finance and late charges. The credit card companies that I owed are always calling me here in the office and causing me so much stress. Some are harassing and embarrassing me. It has reached to a point that I want to just end my life but I am afraid of God, for my spiritual being and I have a 2 1/2-year old daughter and I am currently pregnant. If anyone out there who could just lend me the money that I need to pay for all my accountabilities with no interest and with just minimal monthly payment that I can afford for a long-term period. I can’t think of anyone who could help me without interest which is just adding my burden. I guarantee you, that I will pay you if you could just give me a chance. I am desperately looking for someone to help because I don’t want to just ran away with my obligations because it has helped me and my family a lot.
I hope that this letter will reach someone who has a good heart and please spare some time reading this letter and consider my request.


user avatar
Written by babicbr, 2 years ago
Hi, I'm Bojan Babic from Kraljevo in Serbia. I was 38 years old, I am married and have a son of 7 years old, I'm a hairdresser.
2010 in the devastating earthquake that hit my city was destroyed by my hairdresser salon
Since that day I do not work .... Please good people if you can help me get started, I want to enable my son happy happy childhood.
I want to open a salon frizera.hvala you for reading and razumevanju.moj mail is
Best Regards Bojan Babic Kraljevo Serbia
user avatar
Written by philipop, 2 years ago
Good evening,
i am Philip Opare from Ghana west Africa living in Accra Ghana, Please ever since i lost my father i work hard to take care of myself to be able to help the other young once, my money is a poor family who can not make much money for the family, i came to the city to get a job so that i can work and save some money for my school and help the other brother,when i came to the city i don't have anybody to help me or even place to stay i am very stranded, i learn how to use the computer when i was in school and they thought us how to search things on so i went to the internet cafe to do that and i got your information, please i need your help so that i can rent a room so that i can lay my heard and also work to save my family from poverty please i will love to reply you what ever you want to know about me thank you very much and God bless you and hope to read from you soon.

Philip Opare
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Written by DRAGONMOMMY04, 2 years ago
My husband lost his job and we are struggling I am going through the first stages of SSI so it will be a long long time until I get help from that area. My landlord is being severely strict and will not give us time to get the money for her she wants us out. I do not understand. This is the first time we have ever been late, I have four children and she is being heartless. I need help today 3-9-2013 before six pm or I will lose a home for my children we have tried everything I don't know what to do. Can someone help us please?
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Written by caro_cinderella, 2 years ago
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Written by DanaTS, 2 years ago
My name is Dana Ann Lathim i am a transexual who will never be complete until i have my surgery male to female , i dont know how people dont understand that this is a seriuos condition ,can u help here is a foundation i started
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Written by suneigh12, 2 years ago

I am a single parent seeking financial help. I am in deperate need. The past six months have been pure hell. I had my own sibling hack into my checking account stealing a huge chunk of my money. Then a few months later in the midst of moving i go to my storage unit to find the lock cut off and all my belongings gone. I just broke down and cried. please help myself and my little girl.


please emai
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Written by lasercart20, 2 years ago
You tell us a good story about asking for help but how do you contact these people to ask for Help???

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Written by TheJourney, 2 years ago
Hi Terry,
All these philanthropists have foundations which are available on the net, as the contact details change from time to time its best to do a search. i.e. George Soros Foundation and then look for the contact page.

I really hope this helps

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