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Rich People who Give Money to People in Need 2012 – Get Free Money from Millionaires & Philanthropists

Rich people who give money to people in need & Millionaires lending money. From time to time we all need a helping hand and it’s good to know that there are plenty of millionaires out there that are really willing to help. If you have a genuine need and can show that you have fallen on hard times through no fault of your own then you could be eligible for free money from millionaires. If you need help with bills fast, need money today because you're unemployed or just need help paying medical bills then there are millionaires giving away money.

Rich People Looking To Give Money Away

Rich and wealthy people really pride themselves of helping people, some self made millionaires know what it’s like to get a break and are willing to help people in similar circumstances. Do rich people give away money? Yes they do, for example Donald Trump paid off a man’s mortgage because he helped him change his flat tyre in the middle of the road! That’s how generous millionaires can be! 

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – Is my need genuine? – Get money from millionaires

If you have ample savings and want to pull a fast one then you won’t get any money! Rich people are not stupid and know when you’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes. If you have a genuine need like money to complete your studies or to look after a loved one then there is a good chance that you will get recognized and rewarded. If you're in financial despair and have asked everyone else for help getting money then you can turn to wealthy people who want to give money away.

Need Help With Money Problems - Ask Millionaires For Help

Need Money Today To Start a Business and Get Back on My Feet

If you have a great business idea and want to take your product to market then you should definitely contact the rich and wealthy people who give money away, concentrate on contacting entrepreneur millionaires who are self made such as Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and even Bill Gates. Avoid statements such as I need money now and begging for money as this is a turn off, you need to treat the rich people with respect.

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – How shall I contact these millionaires? – Asking millionaires for money

There are virtually hundreds of millionaires that you can contact on the internet for money. Before you start contacting these rich people who give money to people in need you will need to devise a strategy. If you have a genuine need then look for millionaires with a similar background to yours who may take a sympathetic view to your request. You can get free money from rich people however you have to put in the hard work first.

If you’re from the East End of London and have no education and want to make it big with an idea that you think will take the world by storm then you should contact millionaires such as Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Richard Branson & Bill Gates – these are the rich people who will give money to people who want to get themselves out of poverty using their business acumen.

If you just want a hand out and it's clear that you're lazy and need help with money problems then the chances of getting money now is low, free money from rich people is available but only to those who can help themselves.

Best Rich People Who Want to Give Away Money 2012 & 2013- Oprah Winfrey

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – Need to care for a loved one – Millionaires willing to give money

If you are looking after someone who needs constant attention and requires help around the clock then you should contact rich people such as Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres. These two rich people who give money to people in need are the most generous you will find.

Oprah has helped countless people who were in desperate need! So if you have a story that will stir the heart you should definitely contact Oprah or Ellen. Even if you're pregnant and need help with money Oprah & Ellen will give you the right advice to get back on your feet.

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – How to contact millionaires that give free money – Beg a millionaire for money

There are many ways to contact rich people who give money to people in need. You can email them or even write to them, all contact details are a Google search away and if you want can make a list of 10 millionaires who give free money away and contact them simultaneously. The more “rich people who give money to people in need” you contact the more your chances of success. 

Help Me I Need Money - Best Way To Contact Millionaires

I would personally hand write a letter to the millionaire and then include a copy of my income and expenditure along with any bank statements to verify my claim, if I have a business plan then I would send this too. If you want to save money you could probably hand deliver to make it even personal, this will definitely impress the “rich people who give money to people in need”.

Best Rich People Who Want to Give Me Money 2012 & 2103- Ellen DeGeneres

Give Me Money Now For Free and Begging For Free Money Online Vs Asking Rich People for Money

Begging sites for money where people make statements such as give me money now for free and help me I need money are totally different to asking rich people for help, this is because you want to improve your circumstances as opposed to getting a handout.

Help Me I Need Money - Ask Rich People for Help

Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need – Keeping track of requests

I would recommend that you keep a spread sheet to track all your requests. You should normally get a request within 2 to 4 weeks depending on who you contact. Some responses will ask for more information and others might include check with a donation. You need to be patient and persevere when you contact “rich people who give money to people in need”.

Rich People Looking to Give Money Away

More Rich People Who Give Money to People in Need

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Written by Anthony01, 1 month ago
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Written by keizi, 3 months ago
Dear Mr / Ms,hi brother, I need your help. I beg you please free me from this painful pain . I really beg you from the core of my heart. I am hopeless. I apologize for this my email,I have no money for my MBA degree final year,ever since i lost my father,who was supporting me,am a lone,no one is there to help me and am in India where i have got stranded without any help,please i ask you to help me finish my MBA degree and be able to go back home help my mother who is sick. By this email, I beg for your help to solve my problem. Am in a difficult situation. I am suffering every day. I need $ 2000 dollars to complete my MBA degree, my name is kayondo swaliki am from Uganda East Africa but am currently in India where am stranded because is do not even have a ticket to go back home or complete my education since i do not have money.Please i will give all my details thanks ,May God keep you safe for me.
user avatar
Written by Romans, 5 months ago
Dear millionaires!
Urgent need of a loan in the amount of $ 3000-5000, guarantee refund !!!
I really need your help.
Please people engaged in fraud and false loans do not bother.
Kind regards !!!
My e-mail
user avatar
Written by Helpme500, 6 months ago
Unfortunately, I'm looking forward to get some help. Apparently, I'm from South Africa. Currently, I didn't eat for some days now without clothes for Christmas and New Year. My great father passed away in 2011, 3rd July, after that day I straggle, I suffer a lot till now. My great father live us with my mother, but my mother is unemployed. Please help with £700.00 because I want to go back to school next year. Please contact at or +27717429220 . Thank you
user avatar
Written by Amir_Hajibagher, 8 months ago
Dear Sir/Madam

This is Amir Hajibagher. I have a health problem from which I've been in pain for more than 10 years. Around 13 years ago a dentist harmed the left side of my lower jaw through his very aggressive operation. Around 3 years later I discovered that my face has become crooked due to an abnormal growth and I need to purchase a custom implant, designed for my very specific case to recover my facial symmetry. This problem has really ruined down my social life and since I'm in arts and I've always had the dream of becoming a great star, it's really damaging whole my professional dreams as well. I've gone through a deep depression since I've discovered that such an appropriate implant costs me so much that I can't pay. Because I'm living in Iran and our currency is really worthless, the discussing €5538 implant becomes around 231,488,400 Rials (our currency) and the monthly salary for a typical Iranian is around 6,000,000 Rials. I'm a Songwriter/Singer. This year I composed few songs for few people and saved some money, but it can only cover my surgeon's bill and the expensive custom implant still remains my big disappointment. Xilloc, the company that can make the implant sent me a PDF format of a quotation with the price of €5538, after I submitted my request and it was valid for about a month so I have to submit a new request once I'm sure there's somebody so kind, who's going to pay for that. Believe that your help will be a game changer to my social and professional life and I'll appreciate that for my whole lifetime.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Amir Hajibagher
user avatar
Written by Danette, 8 months ago
Hello I am a single mother of 4 if there was ever a time that I'm in need of help god knows it's now .just last year my father passed away he was my back bone ever since I can remember my father helped others so there for I have done the same. Now I'm in need I have lived in a house that I've rented for 11 years never did I ask the landlord for anything I've gone with out a cooling system lived with the same carpet since the day I moved in now I'm asked to move with this the landlord promised to help me with the first or last month rent on when finding a new place with no transportation I was not able to find are be out when told to.I have payed $289. for all these years that I should not of had to pay ! Now there going back on there promise with no income a 15 day notice on my p.g.e a $400.water bill no money to move with all of this on my plate my high blood pressure has been so high. Please if there's anyone that can help me in my time of need I would so appreciate it.
Thank you for your time
user avatar
Written by andysfamily, 1 year ago
Hello. I am new to this Forum and relatively new to being a Christian. For the last 10 years I have been a reasonably successful freelance trainer, teaching Leadership skills to senior executives all around the world. In October 2012 I suffered a mild stroke. The work just stopped. We started to spend carefully but we used what saving we had and eventually ran out of money.

We don't get much support from the government as my family, from abroad have no recourse to public funds. In November 2013, we were evicted from our home in Dover and were forced to live, firstly in the car, and secondly, over Christmas we moved in to a broken down caravan. With 2 children on tow, life was cold, wet and we were hungry.

In February we and found a housing association in South Wales who gave us a house! We're very happy here although we still have no money, our weekly income is £75 per week. Most weeks we go a few days without Gas or Electricity and have to beg for food in the local town. The foodbanks have been helpful but they only give you enough food for 3 days. The children need new shoes and don't get to participate in school activities as we can't afford them. And we have a birthday coming up and they're only 11 & 12 and we've tried to hide our poverty from them but it's getting increasingly difficult.

I am trying to rekindle my trade and little by little it's returning. At my age it's nigh on impossible to get a proper job sadly and with my Wife's cancer, it's hard for her to work. It has go to the point I can't even afford to go to work. To do a job, I need to pay for travel and accommodation wherever the work is before it is reimbursed and on occasion I've had to turn the work down because I simply can't get there.

One day for example, I had a job in Warwick, I took the Bus from Cardiff, it took hours. I slept on a friends sofa and the work was done.

We are now in desperate need of financial support in whatever way anyone can. We've sold everything we have, when we moved here all we had was the clothes on our backs. The car was sold, all of our belongings were kept by our ex-landlord so we lost everything. The Bethlehem Life Centre in Pyle gave us the furniture we sit on now. We bought a cheap 2nd hand laptop so that we can communicate using the library wi-fi. We're a honest, hardworking (given the opportunity), Christian family in need.

I became a Christian in January. I was going to church to find out more about Christianity and wasn't ready for the commitment until one Sunday I was walking up to the Church in Dover, The Ark, a wonderful church because of the people there. One of the Ministers there, Nigel, I knew I wanted to talk to was there that day. Honestly I was simple going to collect any post as we'd arranged for any mail to be sent to the church. On the way I heard a voice in my head saying, "you're not just going for your post are you?". Throughout the service that day, everything that was said seemed to be pointed right at me, it was as though God and the ministers were singling me out for attention. When the minister asked if anyone wanted to talk to to a prayer leader to come forward. I couldn't stop myself, I didn't want to walk forward but I was compelled to sit next to Nigel. I wept and wept. He prayed for me and the deed was done. I was converted, I'm tearful now as I write this. It was such a moving moment, an epiphany if you like.

As I walked back to our car (home), I felt rejuvenated, overjoyed even. I had the Holy Spirit inside me. Since then, I'm more relaxed, God brought me to this site to share my story, to seek help from anybody that can and for me to help others, I may be poor, but I have a lot to offer.

I need £1,000 to buy some work clothes, especially shows, I don't have shoes without holes. I need to buy some rail tickets to some work events I already have lined up next week. I need to get my laptop back from the pawn shop (I'm in the library right now). And I need to leave some food for the 2 kids back at home whilst I'm away.

Please, please, we're so very hungry and desperate.

I'd love to hear from all of you!

God Bless!

user avatar
Written by fred2, 1 year ago
16th January 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,

As the parent can give to a child, education. I humbly write to you to help the needy street children.
Sir/madam, not only to help them but send them back to school, because many of these children are intelligent but the number one enemy human being “poverty” has deceitfully knocked on their doors and so they don’t have the needed assistance to further or help them begin their education.
Sir/madam, please below are some of the few measures that I humbly argue you to give me support.
Firstly, I would like you to support me to establish a school and vocational to these street children in order to know their view on education whether they like it or not so as to know how to help them in the education field.
Secondly on education those who want to further their education sir/madam you can send them to school and those who do not want to do so, you can send to vocational institution of their choice located in the country. In order to train them to become useful in society.
Thirdly, sir/madam please those who do not have shelter please kindly provide it for them. I say this because many of these children can be influenced by social vices like prostitution, robbery or even fraud if they are likely to sleep on the street. This can makethem reject your help after all they have little money.
Many of the females amongst them are often raped and dejected to their own fate.
Sir/Madam they should also be loved so as to prevent them from having doubts about their made decision to go back to school or to go back to the streets and resume their living.
Lastly or finally, they should be talked to and advised to stay away from bad company in order to prevent them from being under bad peer pressure, which can destroy their goals and can bring an end to the privilege you our minister has given them.
Sir/Madam, please kindly give into this proposal in helping the needy street children because, they have a lot of aspirations which they want to unleash and by the end of the day their thanksgiving will go for being the pillar behind their success.
user avatar
Written by Godschild, 1 year ago
Hi .Im Charlesfrom houston Tx. I am a single parent of a beautiful 12yr old girl. I worked offshore in the oil field for the last 8 years and made good money. Four years ago i got a phone call from a judge telling me to come downtown a.s.a.p..I knew it was not good because a judge dont make phone calls. When i got there the judge told me some horrible things were going on in the house my child lived in and order her to be took from the mother and given to me and at that time me and my daughter knew little about one another.1year later i was granted full custody of my daughter and on that day she said dad i have a dream for us to live in a nice house instead of our tiny apartment. 4months ago i made a choice to leave offshore work and get a job on land because she needed more of my time because i worked 4weeks offshore and 1or2 weeks off on land and also mother had her while i was at sea so mom needed a break. So i left work cashed out my 401k ,got an apartment because the home buying was a nightmare with my bad credit. I paid up 3months rent up front and 3months up of car note, enrolled in school to become a nuclear medical technologist and looked for work after school. Four months passed so quick and i still had no job. Bills were coming up so for weeks i begged to my family & every church for help but with no job they all said they cant help & some were in the same boat as me. With tears in my eyes i told my daughter we had to move out because dad was broke, and with tears forming in hers as well right then and there i was heart broken for us. The next morning were both getting ready for school and as were leaveing out the door the apartment mangt says she has to put a lock on the door. While shes saying that im looking at the parking lot for my car but it was gone!!. I called to report it stolen only to find out that a mechanic that i owed 150$ too for fixing my car had made a deal with a 3rd party for the parts that i thought he already paid for. He put my car up for collateral for parts from a third party i never !! ever!! agreed to. The police wont help me, they say its a civil matter and a lawyer cost money i dont have. My car has been in storage almost 6weeks now & is 4,500$ as of today to get out. Mechanic i owe 150$ says he wants 400$ for late fees, 3rd party wants 700$ for parts late fees, storage place wants 1,500$ for tow and paper work fees, 400 for making a new key plus tax, $1,200 for 6 weeks of storage fees & 35$ a day untill i get it out, I think i only have about 2weeks left befor they sale it, plus im behind on car notes. This feels like a bad dream, me and my daughter moved in with my sister and her kids. I feel like i have failed on showing my daughter, all she ever wanted was for us to live in a house and be a family. I always told my daughter never to begg from anyone!!!! but i have no choice today but to begg. Im embarrassed as a man & father to be doing this. I think of al the things i did good in life like feeding the homeless because i wanted to, not because people were looking. Good things like not killing the man who hurt my daughter, good things like finding a wallet and re turning it to the owner. Why me?? i done good things.Sometimes i feel like i can't go another day. But i remember to Never!! doubt in the dark what GOD told me in the light. someone help us! if not with money then help with a prayer. I just wanna get 4,500 to get my car back and 1.500 for late car notes.. I just want to finish school and find a job ,All i want is our dream again, Contact
user avatar
Written by nenegoose51, 1 year ago
Hello. Im writing this for my daughter. She doesn't know that Im doing this. She has epilepsy and recently had a gran mall seizure. It was the first time it left her in a coma like state. I was so scared. she has a 6 yrs old wonderful daughter. My daughter works part time, she volunteers, she is trying to get a loan for on line classes. she just told me that she passed her test that would allow her to start classes in January. She has a bus pass. But in order for her to get to the bus she has to walk over a mile on a narrow scary road, then change again in town. sometimes in the rain. I worry about her everyday. I was hoping she could get enough of a student loan to get a used car. I don't think she will. She is supposed to go to Honolulu for 1 week of an epilepsy study before school starts. she has to much brain activity. The Dr told her that she could have another, leaving her in a coma or dead! I have trouble driving her places because of my health and Im going back and forth to the VA having Ms like symptoms. I only wish a car for her. I worry and stress about this everyday. My BF and I go and pick her and granddaughter up as much as possible to take her shopping and take care of my granddaughter. I give her money when I can. Im doing this as I don't know what else to do. She needs so many things. But I know a car, new or used would take a huge amount of stress off of her. It would also reduce the seizure activity. I want her to live a long life for her daughter. Can anyone please help her? she is trying so hard. she is such a good young women and mom. I luv her so much. Her name Is Grace A W.
user avatar
Written by shreiss814, 2 years ago
Hello, let me start out by saying thank you to whom ever is reading this. I'm a mother of two children a boy 4years old and a girl 10 years old, I'm married to a wonderful man. I have ran into hard times, we both work full time I actually have two jobs. We just cant seem to catch a break. Recently my truck broke down and I tried to fix it myself due to not having money to pay repaur man to no luck. I'm behind on some of my bills that are just piling up.I understand there are many many people out there in my same situation some worse off. I'm here to see if anyone can find it in there hearts to help me and my family out. I'm a hard worker and very dedictaed to my job as well as my husband. I never had to ask for help from someone I dont know but I dont know where else to turn. I have worked very hard since I was 15 years old to support me and my family. I'm not lazy and I take verything I do very serious.If someone can find it in their heart to help me and my family it will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached via email
Thank You Kindly
user avatar
Written by craig52, 2 years ago
Hello, This is new to me i will start by saying i am a single father i have one daughter and she is a senior this year, i am so proud of her she is in the top 10 in her class. She will be going to college in the fall she was awarded a scholorship for at lest the first year i thank God for that. the only reason i am writing this is to try to get some help to be able to get us a better car so i colud take her back and forth to college. if you need any mor info please send me a e-mail to I hope that some one out there could help us thank to all that has read this, I am going to pray that some one will respones to this comments. If there an miss spelled words please forgive me. tank you again for you time Craig from Alabama.
user avatar
Written by Left-g82, 2 years ago
Dear Sir/madam

First of all i want to thank you and your productive team of the good spirit and compassion that you have towards Gods children. I assure you that all your support is been recognized and rated highly by the Heavens and the world. i personally love the scripture that says “IF YOU ARE IN THE SERVICE OF YOUR FELLOW MEN, YOU ARE ONLY IN THE SERVICE OF YOUR GOD”

I would also like to say thank you to anyone that will consider what I am about to ask for. I am humbly writing to you from the depth of my heart in behalf of Sowing Hope Youth association seeking for assistance. I am a 31 year old and I live in Botswana which is in the southern of Africa. My only challenge that led me to extend a request of assistant to you is that we cannot fulfil our dreams with charity projects we have and love and interested in which i am at the moment representing.
In June 10, 2010, we had a privilege to register a non-profit organization as youth called Sowing Hope Youth Association under department of registry of societies. Its registry number is CR 9164 and i am acting as the founder and chairperson. The association is dedicated to the needy orphans and other vulnerable children, youth and adults infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and the development of their poor rural communities. Through a holistic approach the association addresses the spiritual, economic, health and physical aspects of the needy, orphans and other vulnerable children, youth and adults to enable them to become knowledgeable, talented, educated, healthy, self-sustaining and responsible citizen. i was inspired of this because i had an opportunity to do voluntary service as a missionary representing the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in Uganda and Ethiopia 2006 to 2008 and since then i developed a good spirit to serve others in different ways. The main objectives for the association are:
1.” To Identifying the rising stars” help youth to identify, develop and explore their talents and abilities. With this they will be able to make a living out of their talents as the world face shortage of employment. We are also aiming to reduce the number of children and youth on the streets committing crimes and doing drugs.
2. To grow and provide nutritional vegetables and fruits for the needy orphans and those infected by HIV/AIDS. We are planning to organize the main gardens in each village around Botswana.
3.”To Assist in the creation of self-sustaining poor rural areas” Our goal is to help rural communities with some income generating project such as bee keeping, piggery poultry, gardening etc. With this would help the individuals to sustain their lives.
4. “To promote arts and culture” our aim is to bring to the individuals the sweet part of their culture, tradition, custom and beliefs and help them to respect it, honour it, love it, enjoy it and be proud of who they are. we will be promoting it through Fashion , Food and Entertainment.
5. Fostering the needy orphans and other vulnerable children assistance programs
These are one of our most targeted aims but with lack of resources and finance we are helpless, therefore we are kindly requesting for any assistance that you may be capable of giving, whether it is monetary support or donation of goods. We mainly need a vehicle, just the one that is very simple and maybe cheap, a small truck or motor car whether new or old we don’t mind, as long as it has 4 wheels and it can move when we turn the key on. Since 2010 we haven’t been able to accomplish even a single of our goals because of lack of resources. I have faith that if we get a vehicle we will be able to eliminate some of our challenges we are facing because we will be able to move from one point to another but all in all we seek for both financial assistance and goods of any kind to reach our aims.
Please this could be also forwarded to individual friends, family member, companies and other organizations that you know they might assist in any way they can. Anything old or used we don’t mind to receive it gladly.
I understand that you may receive many letters like this one, requesting for financial support and other things, and I honestly understand if you are not able to assist at this point in time but please “ help us to help others and to make difference in our world today,” Our youth, children and rural communities needs us. You can contact me at the address, phone number or email address list below.
Email address:, Mobile No: +267 71637647/77114938/75214774 facebook: Lefetogile Orebotse
Sowing Hope Youth Association P O Box 30497 Tlokweng, Gaborone Botswana
Thank you so much in advance for time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely
Lefetogile Orebotse Chair person Sowing Hope Youth Association
user avatar
Written by ruth, 2 years ago
Good day All

My life is falling apart. With my mothers sudden death everything just seems to go wrong. I am a single mom who lives in our family home. I am a very strong person but now a days it is a struggle just to survive on a daily basis. With my moms money now gone we are struggling to pay all our bills, buy food, ect.... Also my mum had a will which she never updated and now we can loose our only home. Where will we go, what about my child. what can i do to get back on my feet? Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated. What can I do to race money. We live in a small poor subarb so it is hard to make bussiness. I help elderly and do garden work any work for help but that only covers food. (I wish i was never born into this world)Please help us. My email: Or how does this site works. How do I go about.....
user avatar
Written by abbiedeanne, 2 years ago
hello, for anyone who is reading this i would be very grateful if you could help me, my name is abbie and i am a 20 year old care leaver, i have no friends, family or support at all, due to being attacked last year i had to move home and leave all of my belongings behind, i started a job at a cafe and began to save for the essentials i needed e.g a cooker, fridge/freezer, bed, TV ect but i had the money i had saved stolen, i lost my job due to the buisiness going under, and ive fallen into a deep depression i have anxiety attacks when i leave the house because of this i have become an aggrophobic, i rarely leave the house but have been declined sick pay by the benefit delivery centre so as of yet i have no income, i am really struggling i have no food/heat/electric at all and i dont know what to do, hense me finding myself here on this site, i hope my pleas get to someone with a kind heart that would be able to help me, my contact details are e-mail Facebook Abbie Deanne. thankyou for reading my story. abbie x
user avatar
Written by Caitlin2009, 2 years ago
My name is Caitlin, and me and my partner need help with money. Im in the UK currently as i just moved there a few months ago, on a fiance visa. Now we need help paying for the the other visa which is the Spouse visa so i can stay in the UK, which costs $788 which the visa people will take out of my partner's account at any time which theres nothing like that in her account. To add to that after thats paid off we need the money to get groceries for ourselves, our cats and dog, plus topping up the gas and electricty for the rest of the money. Me and my partner Denise have never spent a Valentines day together due to us being long distance before I moved to the UK to be with her, and i wanted to do it this month but dont have the money to do so. So can you all please help! my paypal is
user avatar
Written by ggoopp, 2 years ago
In need of financial assistance! "Give, and it shall be given back to you". Please contact me if you can help me.
user avatar
Written by sjones, 2 years ago
Hello to anyone out there that can help me i want you to know that iam not a lazy person and willing to work i have come a long hard way even went to nusing school while i worked but since have lost my job i have no money to pay for boards and am in fear of forclosure on my home iam single and i just stumbled on this site PLEASE if there is anyone that can help me or at least PRAY FOR ME iam trusting in GOD for my break thur but i also know he has placed people here to help eachother as well. my email cell 302-740-6330
user avatar
Written by magic, 2 years ago
my dear brothers am homeless donate to me even if 10$ and I want donation for implantation of industrial teeth all my teeth upper and lower am suffering from cute and chronic pain results from gum abscess and pus cells did not afford any person where there is only one teeth or two in the lower and upper jaw I do not know to eat or chewable , and required me $ 20,000 I ask you help to the Holy Face of God for the implantation of artificial teeth
bank account name: Eman refaat ezzat
account number : 25832087597
swift code : BMISEGCX140
bank name :Bank Misr
address of the bank :Egypt -albuhairah-itay elbaroud branch

E.mail me :
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Written by ray345, 2 years ago
i am trying to start my own non profit company to help the unfortunate individuals and families that have fallen on hard time. i put myself aside to help others. i wish i could have enough funding to help..Here is my site where you can donate and see what i am trying to accomplish on my own. there you can see my facebook business page.

charles massie of second chance relief and disaster services
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Written by magic, 2 years ago
my dear brothers am homeless donate to me even if 10$ and I want donation for implantation of industrial teeth all my teeth upper and lower am suffering from cute and chronic pain results from gum abscess and pus cells did not afford any person where there is only one teeth or two in the lower and upper jaw I do not know to eat or chewable , and required me $ 20,000 I ask you help to the Holy Face of God for the implantation of artificial teeth
bank account name: Eman refaat ezzat
account number : 25832087597
swift code : BMISEGCX140
bank name :Bank Misr
address of the bank :Egypt -albuhairah-itay elbaroud branch

E.mail me :
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Written by kevin1990, 2 years ago
Hi,im a Kenyan citizen aged 19 and firstborn.Im taking care of my brother and two sisters aged 5,8 and 12 respectivily.I lost my parents on HIV/AIDS.Life hasnt been easy thats why ineed help to even help me finish my education so as to come and raise my parents family my email adress is the lord bless you.
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Written by Inneed, 2 years ago
Hello, How are you doing, I really need some help, single mom with three kids. Struggling to pay my bill and get out of collection, with your help and support we can get back on our feet. I would like to pay it back each month.. Im really really in need of your help now. Please email me at
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Written by s12brown, 2 years ago
Hello, I am a single disabled mother of two girls, one of them is a granddaughter I have custody of. I am currently on a fixed income and rent is very expensive. I need a place to live with them and can afford little. My profession was a registered nurse before becoming disabled. I need help with housing before the school year starts. Would like a decent location. I would be willing to give back my time for the help. I have previously assisted in food assistant programs and at church. Any help would be great at this time. Thank you for taking the time to read my request. Look forward to a new beginning.

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