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Rich and Famous People that Give Money to Help - Get Assistance from Millionaires!

You may have all you need right now to catch the attention of millionaires who offer a free money giveaway with no strings attached.  Many of the wealthy and rich and famous people out there are willing to help out others when they need it.  The problem is getting them to take notice of you and help you out.  While there is no way to guarantee that they will ever find you, there are some things you can do to get noticed as you try to get in touch with rich and famous people that give money to help the poor and those in need.  Here are just a few ways you can get their attention.


If you are familiar with blogging, you have a great way to get your name out there so the rich and famous people who give money to help out others can locate you.  Blog about your financial woes and see what happens.  To improve the odds of them finding you, be sure to update it frequently and be frank about your troubles.  You may find some unknown millionaires who are willing to give cash free of charge, to help you out. 

Cyber Begging

In what is sort of the new version of panhandling, free cyber begging sites are out there, sometimes free of charge for anyone to use.  This is very similar to blogging and could help you to catch the attention of rich and famous people giving money to help out.  You will never know until you try. 

Write Letters

If you are looking to find rich and famous millionaires giving money to help free of charge, you may want to simply write letters to wealthy people handing out cash. It’s not very hard to find addresses and phone numbers online these days, so why not give it a shot.  You could get loads of free cash for the price of a postage stamp.  If you go this route, be sure to include any proof of your financial woes.  This could mean including copies of medical bills or termination paperwork.  If you are going to write letters to millionaires and rich and famous people that give money to help, you need to make sure they know you are not simply scamming them.

Leave Comments on Blogs

Most comments left on blogs are posted publicly.  If you are trying to get millionaires giving away cash to find you, leaving comments may help them take notice of you.  It’s worth a try and will cost you nothing other than a little of your time.  This can work if you are diligent about it. 

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user avatar
Written by Juliya3003, 4 months ago
Good people, help me get out of poverty. While we lived in the city, I was working and I never sat idle. But then, for the sake of my son, had to move to a village far from the city, housing is cheap and it works, but clean air and Bratsk reservoir in five minutes. The son became much better and because the wages of the husband barely enough to stay, we wanted to move closer to the city, but not in the city itself, because they are afraid that the child will become ill. There is a very beautiful village, which is becoming more beautiful and equated to the city, but housing there is expensive for us and we have no such money. If we moved there, and for me has been the work of the son would be to visit some of the developing section. And daughters have also found a place in kindergarten. Please help with money. I am on Facebook, you can contact with me by mail my Webmoney Z409018159916, R560783767644. Please help, forces no longer exist and know that nothing will change, and will only get worse.
user avatar
Written by ongsteve81, 5 months ago
I wrote a single reason why I need money. I am looking for a rich and famous people who can assist me and to contact the real people who will help problematic people like me.

Money is the energy and I would really like that someone help me, although, I do not know how to get in touch with those successful people any donation that you could spare would be greatly appreciated.

My father is a diabetic and his medicine is lifetime to take in which, this is the big problem that I am encountering with him nowadays.

I am in need some help desperately.

My life is stuck and I need only someone to help me . I can be even willing to pay back the money when I am on my feet again.

I just want to have a normal life and sadly money is the only way I can have that.

Please help me.

Please be kind enough. Your kind attention is highly appreciated.

I hope to hear from you. Thank you for time reading this message that I post my comments.

I can be reached in this email, if interested in helping,If interested my pay pal is and that is also my email address

No scammers please because it will end to a waste of time.
user avatar
Written by crystalink2002, 2 years ago
hi I am Crystal and I am a single woman working in Hong Kong, supporting my mother of aged 89 who had a stroke some years ago. I am a self employ woman with own business. My business was bad since 2008 and did not generate enough money to pay monthly expenses for myself and mother. I had accumulated a debt of US$60,000 and need to pay US$1,500 monthly to bank. I had tried all means to survive but life is hard.

I have my mother at old age and I fully want to give her a good 10 years to live. To fulfill a daughter's responsibility and to become financially independent again.

Please you good people out there with money, please help me now to get through it. Actually I have to pay my debt tomorrow and I seriously looking for some good souls to help me stand up again and help my only mother as well. I really tried hard for the last four years and making money is not easy at all.

It will be my good luck if you will do something immediately to help me. I will reciprocate the help to others in need to make the world a better place.

My email is

God Bless me and you,

from Crystal and mother.....

852 2804 4863 Thank you.
user avatar
Written by ggrl30, 2 years ago
My family and I put our trust in our lord and savior Jesus Christ, when trials and tribulations come, I know god uses others to bless those less fortunate, but lately I have been feeling that I can't seem to be getting ahead. I feel there is a lot hanging over my head. I am on sediment and my husband can't find a job because of his Background. I am running out of options. I barely can make the bills. We r lucky the lord looks down on us some we get foodstamps but it don't go very far. We have tried borrowing money but of no avail our credit is bad. If you kindly help us we would greatly appreciate any help.

My email.

user avatar
Written by kamongo31, 2 years ago
Am a Kenyan man, married, a school teacher and lives with my family. My late five brothers died in 1999 and their wives followed the same fate after short while leaving me with 14 orphans. I managed to educate the orphans by loans which i kept on topping up to have enough funds for their education. Now my kids are in the age of college going but i have ran short of money. I have exhausted the ability to top up loan. Any body there willing to put me on the right foot. I will be ready to show my earning statement and any necessary proof. email and phone +254720353268
user avatar
Written by dezemilov, 2 years ago
Am a 25yrs old single mother of a 5months old babyboy. i live in west africa. i lost my job bcos i got pregnant out of wedlock which is taboo in my tribe. pls i need a job 2 take care of my son.
my email:
my phone: +2348034220144
user avatar
Written by khollidaysburg, 2 years ago
hello my name is ken i need help trying to buy a home for my family i found two houses that would be perfect for my family but because my credit score is so low i cannot get funding we pay 765 a month for rent which pretty much takes everything we have i would love to give my family the dream home they want but i can afford 125,000 thousand dollars that would be the first house i found the second house which needs repairs but liable and would be just as good is 38,000 dollars which i cant afford and i would settle for this home no matter the repairs if only i could get the help my children are my life where we are now thanksgiving and christmas is not an option for us im hopeing we can get some miracle to get help for christmas but what happens happens its like they say god only gives you no more then you can handle well i cant handle much more my plate is full i dont think i can get stressed out any more then i am , i applied for federal grants only to be told you make 800.00 to much we cant help you.if it wasnt for bad luck i wouldnt have any at all at this point i dont want luck i got my family who im struggleing to feed i got food stamps how far does 141.00 go a month when you gotta feed a family of ten i often go without eating so my children can have more of what they are eating please help me i dont care what home we get as long as we get a home that the kids can go out in the yard and play without getting lease violations for playing ball in the parking lot of riding their bikes thank you for your time and for takeing the time to read my post im begging for help please thank you again is my contact info and paypal account if you will help i would be in your debt forever
user avatar
Written by dhonny, 2 years ago
I need free grant for my personal bussiness, please help me...
email :
user avatar
Written by Mihael, 3 years ago
Hay, my name is Michael.

I would really like that someone help me, but i do not know how to get in touch with those successful people.

Please ,anyone, help me to get in touch with people who will help me!!! Thanks in advance!

Please read my whole blog, my full story, so you can understand why!

This all is a truth, this all can be checked, I am willing to provide any evidence, this is honest proposition and honest plea for help!

Any words of support, any help is most then welcome!

Thank you for your time!
user avatar
Written by xlorah, 3 years ago
To the Lamb Family, touch base with She has a lot of free videos and free articles on her site to help you to restore some faith in yourself and to help you to have more confidence to succeed.
user avatar
Written by m_la-b, 3 years ago
My family and I put our trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when
tribulations and trials come I know God uses others to Bless those less
fortunate, but I just feel like..............
I CAN'T go on by myself anymore!!!!!... I feel like there is a lot on
me. My husband wanted to take his life, but I was able to encourage him
not to give up! My husband was let go on a job he loved, right before
his 90 day evaluation on April 3rd. It
took him 3.5 years to get a job, since both of our job losses in 2008.
I was a store manager at Sears and my husband was a warehouse manager
at Sears, we both made good money together, until our store closed. My
husband finally gets a real job, only to be let go from it for no
reason. My husband worked at temp places, but nothing permanent ever
happened. We thought since my husband was Blessed with this job in Jan
2012 that this would be the job, but it did not last(I still say it was
a Blessing whether it lasted or not.'..The Lord giveth and the Lord
taketh away)... we can't pay bills, get toiletries/necessities, things
for our girls, etc...The Lord must have something else in store for my
Have been Blessed to get expedited food stamps, so now we can
eat...Praise God....Have three girls that have been through alot
their house taken in 2010 and had to move to a bad area, but Blessed to
have a home.
My husband said he did everything right...just don't understand? Girls
have no church clothes,
shoes, or enough underclothes, neither do I, but
I don't care about me...we were trying to get stuff for them gradually.
I'm hurt right now been praying and praying and asking for God's high
favor for my family. My husband is trying hard to find a job. God's
high favor will get us a financial Blessing, as well as a spiritual
one, and right now our spirits are broken. I would love to thank you
for all your kindness and giving. My family and I are also cheerful
givers, so I know the high that you feel when you know you have done
something special for someone, it is a great feeling, so I want to
thank you for being in the cheerful givers is an awesome
place to be! If you do not have it in your heart to Bless my family at
all, I still thank you for being a giver, we need more true givers in
this world...Praise God he gave my family and I a giving spirit. If you
would like to be a Blessing to us, I will let the amount be between you
and God...we are GRATEFUL for whatever God Blesses us with:)

My email is

My husband's and I anniversary is May 16th...married 12
yes!!!!!....Praise God!!!!

God Bless,
The Lamb Family
user avatar
Written by careercounselor, 4 years ago
This is so true, those who are wealthy absolutely have to give away money each year for tax write off purposes.

If only we could get their attention and get some of those millions. LOL

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