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Rich and Famous People Giving Away Money to Help


 Philanthropists Assisting The Poor

There are many rich and famous people giving away money to help others in need. Many of the wealthy millionaires or billionaires out there do so without recognition of any sort, from anyone. There are many reasons they assist others that need it. In cases, I suppose, it could be for PR. In other examples, there could be tax breaks on the line. However, it’s quite obvious that many people giving away money are simply trying to help out others that are less fortunate and certainly not rich or famous.

Charles Woodson:

The NFL great recently donated two million bucks to Mott’s Children’s Hospital recently. Many of the people giving away money are helping out with huge sums of money. For those wondering, this amounted to approximately one third of his salary for playing football. Very few give so much to help others, whether millionaires and famous athletes, or not. He deserves to be on anyone’s list of people giving away money.

Ellen DeGeneres:

She is famous and rich, but just because she’s a millionaire many times over doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve some props as one of the many people giving away money to help others in financial need. You can see her making wishes come true on her TV show quite often.


Wow, she’s a billionaire these days, but she’s still leading the way of the many people giving away money. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, the daytime TV queen donated just over $52,000,000 in 2005 alone. She’s one of the most rich and famous in the world, and she is still willing to give others some assistance if they need it.

Vince McMahon:

Yes, the CEO and Chairman of the WWE loves his publicity, but away from the camera, he’s one of the many people giving away money to help others in need. In fact, many of his wrestlers, now millionaires themselves, also donate their time and funds to those less fortunate. Many millionaires that donate do it away from cameras.

Various Athletes:

Many rich and famous athletes have their own organizations that raise funds to assist those in need. In fact, if you watch virtually any sporting event, you will see tons of people giving away money to help others without realizing it. Football players, baseball players, basketball, hockey, and all the other players out there are often doing their part.

Clay Aiken:

Clay Aiken co-founded the National Inclusion Project which gives to special needs people, helping them to live in the ever-changing world around them. This isn’t the only project he’s involved in, as he is somewhat of a philanthropist, giving away money to assist all kinds of people in need.

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