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Queretaro FC vs Guadalajara Chivas en vivo streaming through the internet on November 19, 2011.

Queretaro FC vs Guadalajara Chivas en vivo Compete to Snatch Victory in Mexico - Primera Division Apertura Play-Off. This game starts at 17:00 CET (Central European Time) November 19, 2011, for it would be better if you start watching it 15 minutes Earlier, so there is time for you to choose the channel over the internet That Gives the best picture and sound.


Information on Both teams:


Guadalajara Chivas occupies the 1 position in Mexico - Primera Division Apertura scored 30 from 17 matches. Retrieved from 8 victories, playing the series 6 times and 3 time lost.


Queretaro was in 7 position with a value of 26 from 17 matches. Queretaro got a victory 8 times, 2 times to play the series and lost 7 times.


Guadalajara Chivas          Matches              Win        Draw     Lose


Home Form        8              4              2              2

Away Form         9              4              4              1 


Guadalajara Chivas 8 times Compete Home Form gets 4 times the victory, while in Away Form wins 4 times and 1 time lost.


Queretaro           Matches              Win        Draw     Lose


Home Form        8              5              1              2

Away Form         9              3              1              5


Queretaro at Home Form win 5 times out of 8 matches, the victory has got Away Form 3 times and 5 times less than 9 times a game.


Queretaro FC and Guadalajara Chivas have played 11 times, Guadalajara Chivas won 7 times matches, series 2 times and lost 2 times. Thus the position of Guadalajara Chivas is superior when compared to Queretaro.


From the data of experience playing both teams, of course you will be able to guess who will be the winner.

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