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Promediacorp/ Google Keyword Suggester Is Really Neat

I am really loving this free keyword suggester from Google for finding all kinds of long-tail keywords. It doesn't show traffic/ search volume or anything like that, but it is great for word ideas to expand a topic or niche. You only have to enter the security captcha once, then you can search for keywords all day long. Promediacorp
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Written by xlorah, 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing. I just put in products made in USA and got 185 more ideas! It's a lot like ubersuggest.
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Written by GrantsWorld, 2 years ago
Very cool thanks Iperry. More help the merrier :)
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Written by Tyler, 2 years ago
This is a pretty neat tool, much like ubersuggest (which is what I recommend for the keyword research tutorial) but slightly limited in comparison.

If you haven't checked out Ubersuggest yet, check it out :)

The benefit here is that you can expand individual keywords on the fly and harvest a huge list at the end to check the traffic levels of each keyword (better explanation in the tutorial :P).
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Written by landocheese, 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing LPerry! I always like to have more ways to slice and dice things.

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