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Pre Built Hunting Cabins for Under $10,000

You can buy pre built hunting cabins for under $10,000 ready to use and delivered to your site. (See the sample size and price chart below). That works out roughly to about $83.00 sq. ft. for a 10’ x 12’ cabin. A 10’ x 12’ cabin is a small basic cabin but you can always buy a bigger one. These cabins are small and meant to be used as base camps for hunters. They’re a great place to stay dry and comfortable. When you order one of these cabins, you can draw it up with front or side porches. You can also add another pre fab unit to make a bigger cabin. Once you have your cabin built and in place, you can outfit it from a retailer like Bass Pro Shops. Pre built hunting cabins for under $10,000 make great places for your family to get away for a weekend or a cozy weekend retreat.


Exterrior view of the front and left side of a log cabin with a front porch with handrails


Customized Hunting Cabins

Interrrior of a log cabin bedrooms bed and pine paneled walls

A customized hunting cabin is a great way to add value to your property. Pre built hunting cabins canbe custom built from tongue and groove pine logs or from a milled pine siding for under $10,000. They come fully assembled and ready to use. Depending on the builder, you can order a cabin with wood or metal storm doors and windows. Your cabin can be built with completely finished inside and outside, with insulated floors, walls and ceiling, and basic electrical wiring. You can always save money by doing some of the work yourself. If you’re handy with tools, you could choose to finish the inside of the cabin and save yourself some money. 



Delivery & Set Up

Pre built hunting cabins for under $10,000 can be delivered and set up on your property in the woods or on the lake at this great price. There could be additional cost if the size and weight of the cabin requires gravel or concrete pad foundation, site excavation, delivery charges and other incidentals. 



Rent to Own

Some builders offer rent to own buying plans on pre built hunting cabins for under $10,000. Monthly payments are based on how much the cabin cost, the down payment if any, & the interest on the loan. The payment could be more if taxes and insurance are included.


Get your 5.11 Tactical Gear for your hunting cabin trips.



 Average Sizes & Price List for Pre Built Hunting Cabins



 Enhances Properties Value

Having pre built hunting cabins on your land could help make the land worth more. That’s especially true if your land is on a lake or on a wooded lot. As you can see, this can be done at a very low price. Buying a cabin for $10,000 is less than what you would expect to pay for a decent mid size car. The quality construction and attention to detail that goes into pre fab hunting cabins also makes them a bet to last longer than most cars. In addition, over time your cabin could appreciate in value making it worth more than you paid for it. But none of this can match the sentimental value of a lifetime of great memories at the cabin.

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