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Philanthropists Who Loan Money

There is a distinct difference between philanthropists who loan money and philanthropists who give away money. The former is usually a person who has money and wants to invest in a person or a business while the latter is when a rich individual wants to give financial assistance without expecting anything in return. In this article we look at some of the venture capitalists that you can turn to if you need help with an investment or business and then take a look at some generous philanthropists who offer invaluable financial assistance.

Names of Venture Capitalists Who Invest Money

If you've got a really bright idea and need the backing of an established businessman then you could turn to venture capitalists for help. Before you take your idea to these to these venture capitalists you must have a very polished business plan and a well rehearsed pitch to really get the attention of these entrepreneurs. This process if very similar to the Dragons Den where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in front of billionaires and millionaires to be in with a chance of getting investment.

If you've already got your business plan ready and are prepared to pitch in front of these businessmen and women then below you’ll find the names and contact details of all the entrepreneurs in the Dragons Den.

Dragons Den Auditions

P.O. Box Station A

Toronto, ON

Canada, M5W 1E6

Philanthropists Who Loan Money

Jim Treliving Venture Capitalists

100/ 10760 Shellbridge Way


BC V6X 3H1

Tel: (604) 270 1108

Email: Jim.treliving@boston

Philanthropists Who Loan Money - Jim Treliving

Bruce Croxon Venture Capitalists

Tel: (905) 555-555

Email: Kathy(at)

Philanthropists Who Loan Money - Bruce Croxon

Kevin O’Leary Contact Details

Email: info(at)

Philanthropists Who Loan Money - Kevin O Leary

Names of Philanthropists Giving Away Money

If you’re looking for financial assistance because you’re experiencing a hardship then you can turn to the charitable foundation run by philanthropists who give away money. The best places to look for these rich people are on sites like the GivingPledge.Org, Business Week and Forbes. Using these lists you should be able to find a handful of philanthropists who support the hardship you’re experiencing.

The only way you can get financial assistance is if you have a legitimate need that the charitable foundation offers help to. Through my research I've found that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offer help with education and homelessness while the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation offers assistance to those experiencing financial despair. If you take the time to read the profiles you’ll be able to determine with reasonable accuracy which philanthropists are most likely to help.

Another important point to note is that to be eligible for assistance you need to have a qualifying hardship. A qualifying hardship would include but not be limited to the following; homelessness, poverty, financial despair, medical bills, help with medical treatment and help with education fees. Another important point is that these requests could take up to eight weeks to process and there is no guarantee that you’ll get any money, the best way to proceed is to find a handful of charitable foundations and then work your way down the list.

Free Personal Cash Grants from Philanthropists

I have included the names and contact details of philanthropists offering financial assistance, if you've really got a legitimate need and want to get help so you can better your life then it’s worth contacting these philanthropists for help.

The Will Smith Charitable Foundation

4242 Broadway No. 1503

San Antonio

Texas 78209


Philanthropists Who Give Away Money - Will Smith Foundation

The Turner Charitable Foundation

133 Luckie Street NW

2nd Floor

Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel: (404) 681-9900

Fax: (404) 681-0172

Ted Turner Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation

New York Office

420 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10018

Tel: (212) 869-8500

Fax: (212) 764-3468

Philanthropists Giving Money Away - David Rockefeller

Philanthropists Who Loan Money

If you've got a business idea that you want investment for then it’s worth contacting the venture capitalists mentioned above, as discussed earlier you need to make sure that you've got an outstanding business plan and a well rehearsed and polished presentation to stand out from the rest. If you’re a person with high principals and display a can do personality there is a good chance that someone will invest in you.

If you’re experiencing hardship then it’s worth visiting the US Government website to see what help you might be eligible for in the form of public assistance, if no help is available and you've got nowhere to turn to then it’s worth contacting the philanthropists who give money away. You must remain patient when you contact these charitable foundations as they can take an eternity to respond and most of the time you’ll have to jump through lots of hoop to be eligible.

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Written by TheJourney, 2 years ago
I really enjoyed researching these philanthropists and venture capitalists, if you've got a bright idea or need help with a hardship then it's worth contacting these people for assistance.

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