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Philanthropist Giving Away Money

There are plenty of philanthropists giving away money in 2013 and the list is growing. Some of the richest people in the world are getting together and consolidating all their wealth to help people in need, the Giving Pledge is an organization consisting of billionaires who have promised to give away at least half of their net worth to assist people in need. In this article we look at Barron Hilton and how you can contact the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for money.

Need Help with Money Now

Help Me I Need Money

If you’re experiencing financial hardship and are struggling with money then you can request money for the poor. If you’re shouting help me I need money or I need money now you can contact billionaires and millionaires for help through their chosen charity or foundation. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you’ll get a donation however it’s worth trying if you’re desperate for money.

Philanthropists that Want to Give Away Money: Barron Hilton

From the Giving Pledge Philanthropist List

William Barron Hilton is an hotel heir, American business magnate and former chairman of the Hilton Hotels, he's also the proud owner of the Los Angeles Chargers and the son of Conrad Hilton who was the original founder of the hotel chain. Barron Hilton has an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion of which the majority will eventually go to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to assist people in need.

Impact Philanthropy

Assisting People in Need all over the World

Philanthropists Giving Away Money

Barron Hilton has now reiterated his intention to donate the vast majority of his personal wealth to the humanitarian work of the foundation. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation aims to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged all over the world and in America, some of their priority areas include supporting catholic sisters, caring for vulnerable children, foster care and ending chronic homelessness. In 2011 alone the foundation paid out $81.7 million in grants of which $35.9 million went to domestic grantees and the remaining was spend all around the world.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is one of my favorite and is committed to assisting people in need in the priority areas by leveraging their impact and sharing what they have learned about solving problems elsewhere.

If you’re struggling with money or want to raise money for a humanitarian cause then there’s nothing stopping you from contacting the foundation for help, if your needs match their mission then there is a good chance that you’ll get a donation. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you’ll get a donation however it’s worth a try with all the money that been given out.

Contact Details for Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Help With Money Now

30440 Agoura Road

Agoura Hills


CA 91301

Telephone: (818) 851 3700

Ask Barron Hilton For Money in 2013

Millionaires Giving Away Money

Philanthropists Who Give Money to Individuals

You can contact other billionaires who give money away, the giving pledge contains 78 billionaires and millionaires all of which want to help people in need, I have added some more billionaires here along with their contact details should you wish to contact them for money.

Ask Herbert & Marion Sandler For Money

Ask Walton Family Foundation for Money

Ask Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation for Money

Ask George Soros Foundation for Money

Ask Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Money

Philanthropists Who Want to Give Money Away

Millionaires Who Donate to Good Causes

Millionaires Giving Money

Rich millionaires and billionaires love to leave a legacy behind; they want to leave their mark on this world for decades to come. Philanthropy is becoming more and more popular and billionaires such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have set the standard by giving away nearly all of their money.

Philanthropists Giving Away Money

Request Free Money

If you really have a genuine need then there is a good chance that you’ll get help, your aim is to find a foundation or charity that supports your hardship or cause and is willing to donate, if you can convince them that you’re worthy of a donation then there is a good chance you’ll receive financial assistance. Philanthropists giving away money are all around us, you just need to find them.

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