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People Who Donate Money to Individuals

There are many people who donate money to individuals in 2013, these rich millionaires or billionaires who give money away are called philanthropists. If you’re looking to raise some money for a good cause then you can contact rich people who give money directly to individuals. Also if you’re in financial despair and need help with your finances and have a genuine need then there’s nothing stopping you from contacting rich people who donate money. In this article we look at how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have helped many people around the world and how you could contact them for money.

Help Me I Need Money

I Have no Wealth

If you have no wealth or savings and need money urgently for a genuine need then there is a good chance that you’ll get a donation. A genuine need would be help with medical bills, help with college fees or help for single mothers or seniors. Even if you have a business idea that you want to get off the ground you can contact these people who donate money to individuals.

I Need Financial Help from Rich People

Philanthropists Giving Away Money

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a donation from a rich person it’s worth a try especially if you’ve exhausted all other areas. You hear stories of how generous millionaire and billionaires help individuals all the time, Donald Trump paid a man’s mortgage off for helping his with a flat tyre while Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres have given away $50 million and free houses & cars between them. Free Money is available if you have a genuine need and can reach and convince a millionaire to help you.

How to Get People to Donate Money

How to Convince People to Donate Money

People who donate money are called philanthropists; you can get a list of the most generous philanthropists from the Forbes Philanthropists List. This list will contain people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Skoll and many more.

If you can find the foundations and charities that these rich people are aligned with you can send a letter asking for a free donation or money to individuals or your cause. When you contact these rich people it’s very important that you explain your hardship in detail before you ask them for a donation. Always let the millionaires who give money away know why you need the money and finally end the letter by explaining how this money would make a difference to your life.People Who Donate Money to Individuals - Bill & Melinda Gates

Famous People Who Donate Money

Rich People Who Donate Money : Bill & Melinda Gates

Famous people who donate to charities and celebrities that give money to people are all around us, in this article we look at Bill & Melinda Gates who are one of the leading couples in philanthropy today.

Bill Gates is an American business magnate and a leading philanthropist who is the current chairman of Microsoft which is the world’s largest PC software company. Bill Gates co founded Microsoft with Paul Allen and has been ranked one of the world’s richest people for the last ten years by Forbes Philanthropy magazine.

Gates studied the charity work of Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller to create the William H. Gates Foundation in 2000, he and his wife then consolidated three other family foundations to create the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which is now one of the largest charitable foundations in the world.

Bill Gates has received much recognition and has been names by Time Magazine as one of the 100 people who most influenced the 20th century, he was also voted as one of the most influential people of 2004, 2005 and 2006. Bill and Melinda Gates have helped people all around the world and have pledged to give away more than half or their wealth to help charities and causes around the world, it’s without a shadow of a doubt that Bill and Melinda Gates will be remembered as the most philanthropic couple ever.image

How to Ask Bill & Melinda Gates for Money

Email Address of Billionaire Who Give Money Away

If you do want to raise money for charity or want to ask millionaires for financial assistance then there’s nothing stopping you from contacting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for money, there’s no law that prohibits it. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a donation it’s worth a try.

Main Office

500 Fifth Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 709-3100 

Europe Office (Mailing Address)

80-100 Victoria Street
+44 (0) 207 798 6500

Mailing Address and Media Inquiries

PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 709-3400 

East Coast Office

PO Box 6176
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, D.C. 20044
(202) 662-8130 

China Office


India Office


Rich People Willing to Donate Money - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

How to Get People to Donate Money to Your Cause

How to Get People to Donate Money to You

As always to get a donation from rich people you need to have a worthy cause or a genuine need. There is no use in asking for money if you’re lazy and want to make a quick buck. If you do have a genuine need then you can contact rich people and millionaires by sending those letters via their foundation and charities that they work with.

If you want to convey your message of hardship further then you can create YouTube,, and even Twitter to reach a wider audience.Rich People Willing to Help Poor People - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

People Who Donate Money to Individuals

There are many millionaires, billionaires, rich people and celebrities that give money away, these people who donate to individuals are some of the most generous people in the world, if you can convince them of your hardship then there is a good chance you’ll get a donation.

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Written by Angelgirlpj, 4 months ago
Yet again, another post that responded people to beg for help just as those spam emails that go around and I simply delete or block.
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Written by frannsie, 4 months ago
Our family really needs help we have a gofundme account if you have time perhaps you will check it out and help. Thank you for your time and considerations.
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Written by keizi, 4 months ago
Dear Mr / Ms,hi brother, I need your help. I beg you please free me from this painful pain . I really beg you from the core of my heart. I am hopeless. I apologize for this my email,I have no money for my MBA degree final year,ever since i lost my father,who was supporting me,am a lone,no one is there to help me and am in India where i have got stranded without any help,please i ask you to help me finish my MBA degree and be able to go back home help my mother who is sick. By this email, I beg for your help to solve my problem. Am in a difficult situation. I am suffering every day. I need $ 2000 dollars to complete my MBA degree, my name is kayondo swaliki am from Uganda East Africa but am currently in India where am stranded because is do not even have a ticket to go back home or complete my education since i do not have money.Please i will give all my details thanks ,May God keep you safe for me.
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Written by Romans, 6 months ago
Dear millionaires!
Urgent need of a loan in the amount of $ 3000-5000, guarantee refund !!!
Please people engaged in fraud and false loans do not bother.
Kind regards !!!
My e-mail
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Written by Dandabani, 9 months ago
Hi, my name is Dandabani Pillay, am base in Malaysia (Kuala Lumper) and I'm a single 40yr father working hard to raise my 1 daughter (5yr) and have one adult child at home *under special circumstances* I am hoping to raise money to move into a decent home for my kids and myself. I make enough to pay rent and bill just not enough to save to move. I just started a job paying minimum wage and I can hardly pay my bills, and to top it off I am started part time wedding photographer and I need additional help buying camera equipment.

Also my credit is poor, I am trying to repair my credit but in the meantime I need a sponsor or donation to fill in the gap, as I did get some financial small aid but not enough. I am needed a less USD: 73,761 to solving my difficulty problems now, can you or someone helps me? Even if you cannot help with money your prayers are greatly appreciated and I ask that you share our story with your friends and family members in hopes of getting the help we need.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I'll be more than grateful if anyone decides to help me. You can email me at: and +601112221348, Thanks you and God Bless You.
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Written by DONELLA34, 10 months ago
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Written by programeady, 1 year ago
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Written by TheJourney, 2 years ago
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