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PAN Card Verification through PAN Number

A PAN Card Verification through PAN Number is not available by the general public. Only authorized and registered organizations and companies can perform this verification process. A Typical organization that is permitted to verify a PAN Card number would include credit card agencies, Tax deductors, any organization or company required to submit annual returns, government agencies, stock exchanges, depositories, mutual funds operators and the Reserve Bank of India.


PAN Card Verification through PAN NUMBER


All verification methods utilize a PAN number. There are three main methods for PAN Card verification, namely screen based, screen and file based and a software API option method. The cost is the same for all three at Rs 1,000 per month paid for a one year basis.



For each of the three types there is a 750 PAN verification ceiling with additional costs for each file upload for the screen and file based method. The maximum file upload PAN amount is 200 and the additional cost is Rs 0.75 for file processing. Additional costs for extra PAN verifications per PAN for the software API method are 37.5 Paisa. The software API method is the only method that allows you to go above the 750 PAN verification per day. The 750 PAN verification limits do not carry over to other days if you do not utilize it per day.



As mentioned, fees for all accounts are Rs 1,000 a month paid in advance for one year. The next year fee is required to be paid in full before the current year fees expire. If fees are not paid before the current year expires, the account will be suspended and will need to be reestablished. Any additional fees to reopen the account will be required to be paid as well. 

PAN Card

The potential for additional fees for the screen and file based account and the software API account means an addition deposit of Rs 5,000 paid in advance is required for both accounts to cover any potential additional costs incurred from file upload processing fees or extra PAN verifications in the case of the software API method of PAN verification.


Submitting Income Tax in India


Account fees are Rs. 1,000 per month paid one year in advance. The following year needs to be paid in advance of the final month of the year or the account will be terminated. The 750 PANs per day limits on the software API are not carried over on a daily basis. If you use 500 PANs today, and you use 1000 PANs tomorrow, you will be charge 37.5 Paisa per PAN over the 750 daily. Accounts requiring a Rs 5,000 advance need to replenish the Rs 5,000 advance requirement before it is depleted or their account will be discontinued. There is a service tax on all charges. All charges are non-refundable except fees provided from applicants who have been rejected.


A PAN Card is mandatory to submit taxes in India


Organizations authorized for PAN Card Verification through PAN Number are authorized, approved and maintained by the ITD which is the governing body that oversees the PAN verification program. If you want to perform a PAN card verification to verify a personal PAN Card you can check PAN Card status by name and date of birth.

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